The screw air compressor failure will cause the air compressor to fail to operate normally and cause more damage in severe cases. Below, the editor of China Air Compressor has compiled two methods for detecting whether the air compressor has failed. I hope it can help everyone.

The first type: the method of penetrating kerosene.
When inspecting, first wipe the body and cylinder head with cotton yarn head soaked with kerosene, suspect the cracks, then wipe the kerosene with a dry cotton yarn head, and immediately apply white powder, cracked The location and length are clearly displayed.
The second type: water pressure method.
According to the small experience of China Air Compressor, the water pressure method is to check the crack location by increasing the pressure of the cooling water. In a well-equipped repair shop, the water pressure check is carried out on a special equipment-hydraulic pressure tester. Compared with companies with poor equipment conditions, some use ordinary hand pressure pumps to change simple equipment. When inspecting, first try to block the water pipe joint of the body or the cylinder head. Only connect one of the water pipe joints with the rubber hose outlet. The upper plane of the machine body should use a special cover plate of the same size so that the cooling water cannot overflow. Then turn on the switch to press the water pump to allow water to enter the cooling water jacket. After the water is turned off, the switch is turned off, and the water pump is continuously pressed to stop the water supply when the pressure gauge pointer reaches 3-4 atmospheres.
After finishing the above work, carefully check the body, and the screw air compressor has the phenomenon of water leakage or water seepage inside and outside the cylinder head. In order to avoid the internal stress generated inside the part due to the rapid cooling of the local local heating, new cracks are generated on the weld or near the weld, or the gray cast iron is clogged by rapid cooling. Before welding, it should be placed first. Slowly heat to dark red in the furnace.

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