As we all know, screw air compressor accessories are often replaced during use, including air filter, oil filter, filter element, screw air compressor oil. Then, how do customers judge their quality when they choose? Here are some ways to identify:
I. Air filter, we can distinguish with the naked eye. The paper density and quality of the filter element are discerned by the naked eye. The poor quality will cause a large amount of impurity dust to enter the air compressor, block the oil core, the internal pressure is too high, and the safety valve opens and sprays oil.
Second, the oil filter. It is impossible to identify the quality by the naked eye, only by using time. If the alarm is blocked or the oil pressure is small before the specified time, the exhaust temperature is too high, which is caused by the oil filter clogging. If the oil filter quality is poor, the air compressor will be faulty.
Third, the oil and gas separator, its cost is relatively high, so the price is also higher. The quality of imported oil and gas separators is relatively good, especially the differential pressure ratio and oil filtering. Generally, the imported oil and gas separator can basically guarantee the failure of the oil core.
Fourth, the special oil for the screw air compressor, the oil is the blood of the air compressor, there is no good oil, the air compressor can not run. The special oil for screw air compressor belongs to petroleum type, with 8000 hours of synthetic oil and 4000 hours of semi-synthetic oil, and 2000 hours of mineral oil is the more common three grades. It is very important to choose a good screw air compressor oil.
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