Prolonged high temperature operation can be detrimental to the maintenance of the machine and may damage the machine. In daily maintenance, although our air compressor technicians are very careful, but there will be high temperatures, etc., the following small series will share how to maintain:
screw air pressure The machine is designed with ultra-high temperature protection. The principle is: the machine's own cooling measures are to spray the lubricating oil from the lower end and the left and right ends of the body into the compression chamber, and participate in the compression together with the inhaled air, from the bottom of the main machine. Discharged to the oil and gas barrels. In addition to lubricating the bearings, gears and other parts, there will also be a large amount of tropical. The temperature can be controlled by the temperature sensor, an alarm is issued and the machine is automatically stopped, and displayed on the instrument panel for the operator's attention. However, sometimes when the heat has not been transferred, it needs to be cooled by the oil cooler before the next injection operation to completely cool down. Therefore, the occurrence of over-temperature faults is mostly related to the abnormality of the lubrication and cooling system. At this point, it is necessary to check the lubrication and cooling. In addition to this, we must look at the following points. First, look at the following when the fan is not turned off: 1. Is the oil filter blocked? In this respect, you can observe carefully whether the oil pressure gauge is normal. 2. The thermal control valve is blocked. This can be used to measure the temperature of the pipeline before and after the thermal control valve with an infrared thermometer. 3. Measure the temperature difference before and after the cooler with an infrared thermometer. If there is an abnormality, it must be considered from the perspective of the fan and the cooler. Check other places. 4. Measure the speed of intake and exhaust with an anemometer, measure the fan current with a multimeter, and use the speed of the tachometer side fan; 5. Check if there is a big gap between the cooler and its bracket; check if the cooler is blocked; Reminder: When all the above aspects are normal, we will replace the fan with a large exhaust volume. This is the same as the computer case, the large fan can take more heat. And the cost is not too high, and the replacement is not laborious. Master the above points I believe that the daily maintenance of air compressor is very helpful!
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