1. High pressure screw air compressor has the smallest leakage;

2. High-pressure screw air compressor control leakage has the lowest manufacturing cost in a reasonable range;

3. The leakage of high-pressure screw air compressor does not change with time.

What kind of air compressor is good? It is good for you to choose your own. Choose air compressors according to your own industry and your own ability. You can't choose blindly. A good air compressor is not equal to a good air compressor system. This is also a lot of misunderstanding. Air compressor, gas storage tank, compressed air dryer, precision filter, etc. are called empty. The press system, the choice of each rear equipment is also related to the quality of the compressed air, so we must also consider the cost of the rear equipment when choosing the air compressor. If there is a demand, users can communicate with us.

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