Air compressor Stops itself during operation. The reasons and troubleshooting methods are as follows: ◆Cause: 1. The voltage suddenly drops too much; 2. The exhaust temperature is too high; 3. The oil separator is blocked; 4. The vibration spurs the electrical parts or the connecting wires to loosen; 5. The protector operates. ◆Remove method: 1. Measure the voltage to reduce the cause of the voltage drop; 2. Check if the temperature is too high. If it is check: Is the oil quantity sufficient, whether the heat control valve is normal, whether the air and oil filter are blocked, and whether the cooling fan is normal? Whether the work and the cooler are blocked; 3. Replace the oil separator; 4. Observe the vibration during operation, install the anti-vibration pad and tighten the loose joint if necessary; 5. Find out the cause of the protector. DSNEair air compressor reminds you to check the operation of the machine in time Label [Resume and solution for self-stop in the operation of screw air compressor] [Solution of screw air compressor]

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