Sometimes our customers will report that the air pressure does not reach the set pressure when the air compressor is inflated to the gas storage tank. There are many reasons for the failure. Here we use our China Air Compressor manufacturers. Past experience to tell you how to solve such problems:
1. It may be that the barometer is out of order. We have to observe the barometer. If the indication pressure is insufficient, let the engine run at medium speed for a few minutes, and the pressure still does not rise or rise. Slowly, when the brake pedal is depressed, the deflation sound is very strong, indicating that the barometer is damaged, and the barometer should be repaired at this time.
2, the belt between the air compressor and the engine is too loose or slippery or the air compressor to the pipeline between the gas storage tank is broken or the joint leaks. If it is found that the pipeline leaks in time for repair, the air pressure of the air compressor will be restored, and the belt will be loosely replaced with a new one.
3, if the air compressor does not inflate the gas tank to see if the oil water separator, pipeline or air filter deposits too much to cause blockage, if it is blocked, clean the dirt inside or replace it Will solve the problem.
After the above inspection, if the cause of the failure is still not found, it should be further checked whether the air valve of the air compressor is leaking, whether the spring is too soft or broken, whether the cylinder head has blisters or whether the gasket is damaged, according to If you find a fault to replace or repair a damaged part, you can find a leak. If you can't find the problem after the exclusion, you need to look at the screw air compressor cylinder liner and the piston and piston ring over-wearing caused by air leakage. If it is, replace the corresponding accessories.

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