When companies need to purchase air compressors, they must definitely consider air compressor maintenance and repair issues. Take the 30-55kw twin-screw air compressor produced by our DSNEair as an example. Which consumables and consumables need to be replaced for the first and later maintenance.

Maintenance parts maintenance list
model500 hours replacementquantity2000 hours replacementquantity
SRC-40SA-75SAAir filter cartridge1Air filter cartridge1
Oil filter1Oil filter1
screw oil2 barrelsOil core1
Screw-specific oil2 barrels

The above time is only for reference. In order to better maintain the machine, it is best to replace it in 2000 hours. If you purchase our double Screw air compressor, you can call the maintenance of other air compressors, Tel: 021-66597777, or visit the DSNEair official website www.schneider.com.cn to find online customer service, customer service staff will reply in time. Label [DSNEair screw air compressor accessories][DSNEair screw air compressor maintenance]Recommended product: 3 cubic screw air compressor 6 cubic screw air compressor10 cubic screw air compressor