First, the maintenance of the air intake filter. The air filter is a component that filters out dust and dirt from the air, and the filtered clean air is compressed into the compression chamber of the screw rotor. Because the screw machine internal clearance only allows particles within 15u to be filtered out. If the air filter plug is damaged, a large amount of particles larger than 15u enters the screw machine, which not only greatly shortens the service life of the oil filter and the oil separation core, but also causes a large amount of particulate matter to directly enter the bearing cavity, accelerating the bearing wear and increasing the rotor clearance. The compression efficiency is reduced, and even the rotor is bitten and dead. Second, the replacement of the oil filter. The new screw air compressor should be replaced after the first 500 hours of operation. Use a special wrench to remove the oil filter. It is best to add the screw oil before the new filter is installed. Screw the hands back into the oil filter holder and tighten them firmly. It is recommended to replace the new filter element every 1500-2000 hours. It is best to replace the oil filter element when changing the oil. When the environment is bad, the replacement cycle should be shortened. It is forbidden to use the oil filter element for a long period of time. Otherwise, the filter element is severely blocked, the pressure difference exceeds the limit of the bypass valve, and the bypass valve is automatically opened. A large amount of dirt and particles will directly enter the screw main unit, causing serious consequences. The replacement of the diesel engine oil filter and diesel filter should be carried out in accordance with the maintenance requirements of the diesel engine. The replacement method is similar to that of the screw air compressor oil core. Third, the maintenance and replacement of the oil separator. The oil fine separator is a component that separates the screw lubricating oil from the compressed air. Under normal operation, the service life of the oil fine separator is about 3000 hours, but the quality of the lubricating oil and the filtration precision of the air have a great influence on the life of the oil. It can be seen that in the harsh environment, the maintenance and replacement cycle of the air filter must be shortened, and even the front air filter should be considered. The fine oil separator must be replaced after expiration or before and after the pressure difference exceeds 0.12 MPa. Otherwise, the motor will be overloaded and the oil separator will break the oil. Replacement method: Remove the control pipe joints installed on the oil and gas tank cover. Remove the oil return pipe from the oil and gas tank cover into the oil and gas tank, and remove the upper bolts of the oil and gas tank. Remove the upper lid of the oil and gas tank and take out the oil. Remove the asbestos pad and dirt adhering to the upper cover. Install a new oil separator, pay attention to the asbestos pad must be stapled, the asbestos pad must be placed neatly when pressed, otherwise it will cause the pad. Replace the upper cover, return pipe, and control tubes as they are, and check for leaks. The quality of the screw oil has a decisive influence on the performance of the oil-injected screw machine. Good oil has good oxidation stability, rapid separation, good foaming, high viscosity and good corrosion resistance. Therefore, users must use pure The company's special screw engine oil. The new oil replacement was carried out 500 hours after the new machine running-in period, and the new oil was replaced every 2000 hours after the operation. It is best to change the oil filter at the same time when changing oil. Use shortened replacement cycles in harsh environments. Replacement method: Start the air compressor for 5 minutes to raise the oil temperature to above 50 °C, and the viscosity of the oil drops. Stop running. When the oil and gas barrel has a pressure of 0.1Mpa, open the drain valve at the bottom of the oil and gas tank and connect the oil storage tank. The oil drain valve should be opened slowly to avoid the use of pressure-bearing oil to splash people's dirt. When the lubricating oil is dripping, close the drain valve. Unscrew the oil filter and drain the oil in each line and replace it with a new one. Open the filler plug and inject new oil so that the oil level is within the range of the oil mark. Tighten the filler plug to check for leaks. Lubricating oil must be inspected frequently during use. When it is found that the oil level is too low, it should be replenished with new oil in a timely manner. The lubricating oil must also be used to discharge condensed water frequently. Generally, it should be discharged once a week, and should be 2-3 days in a high temperature climate. Discharge once. Stop for more than 4 hours, open the drain valve without pressure in the oil and gas tank, drain the condensate, and quickly close the valve when the organic oil flows out. Lubricating oil is strictly forbidden to be mixed with different brands. Avoid excessive use of lubricating oil. Otherwise, the quality of lubricating oil will be degraded, the lubricity will be poor, the flash point will be lowered, and it will easily cause high temperature shutdown, causing spontaneous combustion of oil.
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