Mobile screw air compressors consume a lot of manpower and material resources in procurement and use, including personnel expenses, installation and installation costs, power consumption and maintenance costs. Reasonable planning and management will save you considerable cost and make money for you. 1. Mobile screw air compressor Common unreasonable phenomenon (1) Air compressor purchase a. Purchasing only considers the price of the machine is cheap, the quality is poor when used, and the operation is unstable. The downtime is long, resulting in loss of production line downtime. b. Only the operational stability is considered in the procurement, and the energy consumption ratio is neglected, which causes huge waste. c. The quality of the after-sales service of the supplier is neglected during the procurement, the failure to repair can not be timely, the purchase of spare parts is inconvenient, etc., causing unnecessary losses. (2) System planning a. Air compressor capacity is too large, resulting in high waste of empty air compressor energy. b. The filter is installed too much, the pressure loss is large, and the energy is wasted. c. Air compressors are not centralized gas supply, but are distributed throughout the plant. The pipelines are independent, which increases the equipment purchase cost and increases the pipeline cost and operation and maintenance costs. d. The ambient temperature of the air compressor room is too high, which is equivalent to reducing the efficiency of the air compressor, reducing the exhaust volume and increasing the energy consumption. For every 100 & deg; deg increase in ambient temperature, the efficiency of the air compressor is reduced by about 3%. e. The pipeline layout is unreasonable, and there are too many elbow joints to increase the pressure loss. (3) System Control and Management a.China Air Compressor The export pressure value is set too high, resulting in increased energy consumption and waste. For every 1 kg/cm2 increase in pressure, the energy consumption increases by about 6%. b. Multiple air compressors can be used for loading and unloading at the same time or at the same time for capacity adjustment (partial load) operation, increasing energy waste; c. The machine is not well maintained or expired without maintenance, the small hair bing accumulates into a large fault, and the machine life is shortened artificially. d. The environment of the equipment room is too dirty, resulting in frequent replacement of air compressor filter, oil filter oil separator and cooling oil. e. The precision filter of the pipeline is not replaced in time, resulting in excessive pressure loss and serious energy waste. f. The pipeline leaks seriously and I don't know. The new air compressor is used to supplement the insufficient air volume, resulting in waste. Calculated at a 7 kg/cm2g, 10 mm leak point, assuming electricity costs US$1/kWh, 8000 hours a year will waste $320,000 in electricity costs.
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