I believe that most people will not pay attention to the daily maintenance of the machine, so sometimes the machine will have some small problems, which will affect the normal work, so that the damage to the machine is also large, and the service life will be greatly increased. Shortening, so the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine is an essential procedure. The following DSNEair air compressor professionals will share the daily small details of the maintenance machine:

1. Air system cleaning:

If the compressor is installed in a poor environment Where the inhalation of air contains particulate matter, dust, or corrosive gases, it will affect the service life of the compressor oil. In this case, consider installing an air intake filter. At the same time, always clean and periodically replace the air intake filter to prevent The occurrence of potential accidents related to inhalation of particulate matter.

2. Reasonable use of air compressor oil:

The quality of air compressor oil is not easy to produce sludge and carbon deposit, oxidation stability is not good, stability is not Good air compressor oil is easily decomposed to produce light hydrocarbons and carbon dust. The exhaust gas temperature is high; the compressed gas is unsafe; the pipeline is fouled, rusted; the oil is improperly selected, the viscosity is too large; the oil is mixed with impurities and water, accelerating the aging of the oil at high temperature, etc.; improper use of the oil will generate Carbon deposition is the main cause of accidental explosion of air compressor oil.

3. Performance check of each component of the air compressor:

Sometimes the details determine everything. Don't underestimate the value of the parts. Once you have any abnormalities in any part, you will regret it. You must know that the air compressor itself has oxidizing properties. Once under high pressure conditions and maintain high speed, It is easy to face the danger of oxidation. In this case, the probability of mechanical wear is very large, and the exhaust pipe may also be in danger of explosion due to excessive temperature or due to mixing of gases. Therefore, the machine should be checked frequently. Without checking, it will not find and find hidden dangers. Adhere to the inspection work, seriously deal with the handover of hidden danger problems, do a special inspection according to the requirements, including inspection of key devices and key parts, and implement corrective and corrective measures in time for the problems detected.