China air compressor has high requirements for all aspects of safe operation. If some components are abnormal, it may cause air compressor failure. In severe cases, it may even occur. Air compressor explosion accident.
Air compressors have oxidizing properties, especially at higher pressures, and the conveying system has a high flow rate, so the system has the risk of being oxidized and the friction loss between the fittings. Since the compressor cylinder and the gas tank of the screw air compressor may explode due to over-temperature and over-pressure, the mechanical temperature of each component of the compressor should be strictly controlled within the allowable range.
The lubricating oil of the air compressor or its decomposition product may also cause an explosion by mixing with compressed air. When the compressor lubrication system or air inlet gas does not meet the requirements, a large amount of oil, hydrocarbons and other substances enter and deposit in the low-lying area of ​​the system. Under the action of high-pressure gas, it is gradually atomized, oxidized, coked and carbonized. This is an explosion. Potential conditions. Screw air compressor The non-standard cleaning of the system, or alternating hot and cold operation, may cause rust on the inner wall of the pipe and peel off under the action of high-speed gas, which is called the fuel source. Due to the instability and vibration state of the air compressor during air compression, the temperature of the medium suddenly rises, which may cause local air in the system to be partially insulated under sudden action. At this time, the operation of the entire equipment is greatly affected.

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