Controls the body noise and motor noise of air compressor. It is often considered to use sound insulation and sound absorption control technology. How to control first, we must know the reason for the formation of air compressor noise, it is better to prescribe the right medicine. First, the noise of the air compressor usually comes from the following reasons
♦ the operation of the body: the mechanical noise generated by the rapid operation, the sound of the gas flow during the exhaust.
& diams; power source generation: the motor or diesel engine drives the air compressor to run, the noise generated.
♦The body is not parallel: unstable installation or placement causes the body to have vibrations and vibrations. The types of various air compressors have different noise levels due to different structures.
♦ Box type reciprocating type: Although the box type internal body is the same as the open type machine, the box type board has been specially designed to use advanced soundproofing and shockproof materials, which reduces considerable vibration and noise.
Too high noise is reduced to acceptable working environment or relatively small environment, generally required to be below 83 decibels due to use and economic considerations. When the environment does not have much requirements, the open model is usually chosen. When the working environment has special requirements, the box model is the most appropriate choice. 2. Measures to reduce noise The measure is to install an acoustic enclosure or a soundproofing chamber to prevent the noise from spreading. This is because radiated noise and electromechanical noise cannot be controlled by silence only. After the noise of the air compressor inlet is reduced by 10--20 dB, the radiated noise of the casing will become the main source. For small mobile air compressors, the control measures of the sound insulation cover are often adopted; for large or multiple air compressors, the sound insulation room can be made in the machine room and the operation room. In order to improve the sound insulation effect of the sound insulation cover, a sound absorbing layer is usually attached therein. If there is no sound absorbing material in the soundproof cover, the noise source is continuously reflected by the steel plate without being absorbed, and a reverberation field will be formed inside the cover, resulting in an increase in the sound level in the cover. The greater the sound absorption coefficient of the material, the better its sound absorption capacity, and the sound absorption coefficient varies with frequency, thickness and density.   sound insulation cover, sound insulation room to consider heat dissipation problems, usually installed on the sound insulation body air intake muffler and exhaust muffler. Sound insulation equipment should consider the convenience of maintenance, set the sound insulation door and observation window for easy disassembly, and pay attention to ensure that the seam is tight after installation. The sound insulation door, sound insulation window, and air intake muffler are similar to the sound insulation of the cover body. In order to improve the noise reduction effect of the sound insulation cover, the sound insulation cover should be designed to meet: the sound insulation cover plate should be made of materials with sufficient sound insulation, such as thin metal plates; handle sound insulation weak links such as doors, windows and holes; The inner wall is treated with strong sound absorption and the appropriate sound absorbing material is selected.
The elimination of the noise of the gas tank is usually done by hanging the sound absorber. When the compressed air enters the tank, the sound absorbing body in the tank absorbs the sound energy, thereby achieving the noise reduction effect. To reduce the noise of the exhaust pipe, use the method of pipe wrapping or bury the pipe underground. The method of dressing damping is to use the asphalt linoleum to wrap the original pipe in the inner layer, and the damping effect can weaken the pipe vibration and reduce the pipeline regeneration noise. The layer is made of 3 mm thick galvanized steel, and the middle layer is made of rock wool felt with a thickness of 50 mm and a bulk density of 150 kg/m3. The sound insulation has achieved a noise reduction of nearly 20 dB(A). Label [screw air compressor noise] [screw air compressor noise reduction measures] Recommended products: 3 cubic screw air compressor 6 cubic screw air compressor10 cubic screw air compressor