Before 10 years, people can be to any distinctive products at the back of its name add alphabetical ‘i’ . Among them the famousest is IPhone, after when it positional stability goes up, people gives ‘i’ can be added at the back of the name of the product of couplet net. And nowadays, “ intelligence ” also became to resemble the prefix of ‘i’ : Be like factory of car of intelligent building, intelligence, intelligence, even cropland of intelligent oil gas. Although the label of “ intelligence ” is applied by very frequent ground, but the definition —— even if that it returns neither one to be agreed with generally is to be outside industry of oil, natural gas.

On reality, “ intelligence ” returns the definition with successful neither one to nowadays, because Yu Jiang of metropolis incline to moves every company probably abate its certain and specific respect in order to satisfy the requirement with specific itself. But, once a company handled a certain difficult problem to surpass other companies probably probably enterprise, he is OK his kind goes according to define it. As a whole, an equipment should be said to go up intelligence, it is indispensible arrive at the following standard: It is own experience, OK to have it is itself configuration, OK to alter quickly often learn new skill.

Own experience

Have own experience to mean equipment to be able to know his the configuration of each time and its task environment configuration. With intelligence constrictive machine is exemple, the crucial movement data that it can monitor itself has a few at most (get on 100 even) , include cubage of entrance pressure, entrance and power of platoon atmospheric pressure, still have environmental gas temperature and humidity in addition. Have own experience to indicate constrictive machine is OK from the data of sensor collect itself that joins with itself. The collect of data is very important if —— did not have the word of data, constrictive machine will not know him whether run below acceptability load.

Take step

But, data collect is the first pace only. More important is data analyse and analyse takes for the basis step with data, it is fundamental commercial value is oriented. Constrictive machine passes intelligence namely these measure complete pair of form alter. Of course, some measure compare other measure all the more to be made easily. A few experts can draft the essential regulation of equipment job requirement. Some regulation can be used at constrictive machine oneself even, if the atmospheric pressure in conduit is less than 800psig (55.2 Bar) , equipment gives an operation staff pressure value response and call in alarm.

Although some conditions are set beforehand,establish very easily, but the mankind cannot identify the behavior that some are based on a few complex conditions, this is the reason that big data and machine study investment use. Cloud computation technology can analyse huge data and differentiate an among them complex relation, this is manpower place impracticable. The smooth oil that says factory recommend for example changes exchange labor husband the constrictive machine about same kind should be same. But, because be below certain and specific job requirement, expend speed oilily to meet glossily greatly rein in, bring about the constrictive machine that is the same as a type is smooth the time with extinct oil is endless also and contrary. So, those expend the constrictive aircraft with smooth faster oil should all the more arrives often change smooth oil, in order to make their use life the biggest change.

But, the maintenance that is based on job requirement is very complex. About the engineer for, smooth oil is decomposed more quickly cut condition and rally really these conditional continual work cannot define quite. And on the other hand, a few task data that machine study analyses constrictive machine decide with essence of life in constrictive machine task form leaves the state that can present premature attaint in what definitely. Once these forms are affirmatory, the real time data that can react to constrictive machine stops continual to analyse. When analysing consequence to be safeguarded for constrictive machine demand, constrictive machine will take step: Tell an operation requirement of equipment of personnel some stage to in advance is safeguarded.

Often promote

Original the standard of an intelligence equipment learns new skill namely. Any fragmentary not be motion is constant, trade competition meets those who make company oneself gift often promote the competition ability with maintaining it, its product is peculiar and such. Return final IPhone mobile phone, it can form the cause that alarms temporarily to have finite expansibility with respect to the function that is it. The mobile phone that wants to let them when consumer when many kinds of function, they need download only and device a certain APP is OK, and not demand goes promoting ability is obtained.

Intelligent equipment can have similar use. Its use software can be updated, this is meant when should setting the use requirement with new stock, can increase new use to it. If you hope to equipment is explored and tell to handle the trouble that personnel breaks out soon, so that can be gotten before practice defect breaks out,change accordingly the component delivers to his constrictive station, ask a basis of this component forecast collect of regulation of illness model remove theatrical makeup and costume to increase stop mechanic husband.

Of intelligent equipment appear not to have reactionary sex, the overall situation department that it manages already appeared before the technology. On practice, a lot of oil field and conduit are germinant before a lot of years the task data of collect equipment. What innovation sex has outside this is the collect that includes the skill that the machine learns inside to be used at fundamental data, those who completed pair of installation the function that current is safeguarded and does not break out to prescient defect.

Degrade from a common device when constrictive machine when making an intelligence equipment, constrictive machinist job can be in existing asset the invention gives greater commercial value.

About the author

Prasantha Jayakody is work for the raw product manager at Bsquare company, dedicated found at the course one-stop processing program and cloud consign will increase those who use content couplet network is cloggy. He has the job experience that surmounts 20 years in software project industry, the company efforts of many distinct categories crosses Ceng He, and apply aggrandizement of ground of technical advantage success them already some commercial strategies. Prasantha Jayakody is graduated from university of Niya of guest evening standard, acquire a paper the mathematical baccalaureate of this university and computer superstition baccalaureate.