First, the object is different: air compressors are mainly sold to factories, while fast-moving consumer goods are mainly for individuals. Second, the mode is different: fast-moving consumer goods are generally based on stores, in most cases, customers come to buy, and for example, screw air compressor requires a salesman to visit, and many opportunities to succeed after many negotiations . Third, the complexity is different: fast-moving consumer goods generally have a small amount, customers often follow the purchase, and think it is relatively simple. The price of air compressors is generally high. Consumers are generally enterprises or organizations. They are generally professional purchases. Before purchasing, there are not only budgets and plans, but the whole process is also very cautious. Fourth, the market size is different: fast-moving consumer goods are almost everyone can use, and some things are necessary every day (such as toothpaste), and it is a fast consumable, so the market size is very large; Air compressors are generally used in workplaces such as factory floors, hospitals, laboratories, etc., and their consumer groups are fixed and limited. V. Different requirements for sales personnel: The sales of fast-moving consumer goods are relatively simple, customers are not too concerned about sales people, they pay more attention to the products themselves; and the marketing of China air compressors not only requires salesmen to have Sales skills, but also must have professional knowledge, and can build enough trust and good relationship with customers.

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