DSNEAIR Compressor (China) Manufactory adheres to the advanced design concept and rigorous manufacturing process of German industry, and combines the use environment of users outside China to continuously innovate and give full play to the advantages of professional design and manufacturing. The production management process strictly follows the ISO9001 international quality system. The technical performance and reliability of each compressor are guaranteed to reach the international first-class level, and the quality has always been in the leading position in the industry. The following China Air Compressor is a small series to introduce its advantages?
1, high stability, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise and so on.
2, compared to the piston machine, less wearing parts, low failure rate.
3, the screw compression work curve is smooth, compared to the piston machine vibration is small, low noise.
4, cooling methods are generally divided into: water cooling and air cooling.
5, the yin and yang rotor and the coordination of the rotor and the casing are set, so that the gas has less backflow leakage and no residual gap volume, so the efficiency is high.
6, the injected lubricant has sealing, cooling and lubrication
7, cooling system: the use of plate-fin structure, and high-quality materials to ensure the cooler pressure, high heat dissipation, corrosion resistance it is good.
8, air filter: heavy-duty, multi-stage air inlet filter, dust removal accuracy of 1um (98% filtered), large working surface, relatively long service life.
9, oil / gas separator: a new generation of separators with a new filter material, higher efficiency, air oil content of less than 2ppm.
10, intelligent controller: screw air compressor all operations and related data are displayed on the control panel, control your finger, easy and convenient.

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