Introduction of variable frequency screw air compressor:
1, power saving
2, constant power supply pressure, ordinary air compressor, whether it is piston machine or screw machine, there will be about 2 kg The pressure difference is wasteful. For most users, the production efficiency will be reduced, and the product quality will be seriously reduced. Therefore, the variable frequency air compressor always produces gas with constant voltage frequency conversion, which has been warmly welcomed by many users!
3, low noise Frequency air compressor runs smoothly and slowly, neither the frequent loading and unloading sound of ordinary screw machine, not like the sudden start sound of the piston machine, and avoiding the ordinary screw machine Long-term high-speed, high-load sound. And in essence, the configuration and cost of the inverter is far higher than the ordinary screw.
4, life plant, low cost long-term full speed or high-speed operation is unfavorable to any equipment, air compressors are also the same, previously customers have used “— use — preparation & rdquo;, one for backup, The second is to switch between the use of turns, to avoid the long-term high-speed operation of the single unit is not good for the unit; and the variable speed and smooth operation of the variable frequency air compressor reduces the wear of the unit, prolongs the service life and prolongs its maintenance. Cycles naturally save operating costs.
5, the self-generating users have greatly helped users who have used ordinary air compressors in the self-generation of power generation is very familiar: the starting current of the air compressor is quite large (three times the ordinary screw machine, piston machine 7 Double) When the air compressor is frequently started or unloaded, it will cause black smoke or even sudden death of the generator and affect the normal operation of other equipment. This is a very common phenomenon, and after switching to the inverter air compressor, it is almost zero. The load state starts and the long-term slow speed runs smoothly, so that the user is satisfied with the heart. 6 The real cheap payment to the power supply station is also money! When the electricity fee saved in three years can return the investment cost of the inverter air compressor, this is the It is really cheap. Therefore, any cheaper machine is more expensive than a frequency converter. Running 8000 hours a year, the average load is 70%, the direct power saving result is:
Power 11KW 15KW 22KW 30KW Power saving (yuan/year) 14300 19600 28600 39100 Power 37KW 55KW 75KW 110KW Power saving (yuan/year) 48300 71700 97800 143600
In industrial and agricultural production, compressed air of a certain pressure is often required. For example, electronics, plastics, hardware, chemicals, textiles, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, and a large number of systems that require pneumatics, so these industries have installed air compressors. Power ranges from 7.5 kW to 200 kW. These devices consume a large amount of electrical energy during operation, which increases production costs and is noisy. Equipment maintenance is often required. Therefore, the variable frequency compressor is becoming a standard product.
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