Spiral air compressor air circulation part is mainly through the following accessories, Xiaobian simple to introduce: First, oil and gas barrels Oil and gas barrels have two functions of oil and gas separation and oil storage. The compressed oil and gas mixture is discharged to the oil and gas barrel. The oil can be separated in the oil and gas barrel to separate most of the lubricating oil. There are more lubricating oil in the oil and gas barrel, so that the newly separated hot oil can immediately participate in the next cycle, which is beneficial to reduce. Exhaust gas temperature. The oil level tank is equipped with an oil level indicator on the side. There is a refueling hole on the barrel for refueling. The oil level of the static lubricating oil should be between the upper and lower limits of the oil level gauge. Second, the air filter screw air compressor air filter is a dry paper filter, the filter paper pore size is about 5 & mu; m or so. Its main function is to filter out dust in the air, avoid premature wear of the screw rotor, and prematurely block the oil filter and the oil separator. Usually every 500 hours of work, the dust on the surface should be removed. The method of cleaning is to use low pressure air to blow dust from the inside out. Third, the oil and gas separator screw air compressor oil and gas separator filter element is made of multi-layer fine special fiber, the misty lubricating oil contained in the compressed air can be completely filtered after passing through the oil separator The oil particle size can be controlled below 0.1 & mu; m, and the oil content can be less than 3 PPM.
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