With the advancement of technology, screw air compressor will be expected to use more advanced frequency conversion technology to design super energy-saving permanent magnet variable frequency screw for different markets and different working conditions outside China. Air compressors, while filling the gaps in China, help users save energy to the greatest extent.

As a general-purpose machine, the screw air compressor is widely used, and its characteristics such as less wearing parts and unattended are favored, and its market share is also growing rapidly. In today's lack of resources, energy conservation has now become an unswerving pursuit of the industry. How to plan efficient production methods has always been the constant search of enterprises.

Most Chinese companies’ orders have returned to their previous levels, and some have even surpassed the previous levels. What followed was the busy production, and in the process of production, the variable frequency screw air compressor will play a very important role. It is a prerequisite for the company to normal production, so when we purchase the screw air compressor, the first element is the stability and energy saving of the screw air compressor. With the maturity of the variable frequency screw air compressor, it can be said that basically can meet this requirement.

In the current market competition, the screw air compressor industry should seek innovation and change. In the future, only companies that can save more electricity for customers and create more value for customers can stand out in the new round of industry competition. For the inverter screw air compressor industry, it may take a long way to go, but from the current point of view, the bright sunshine in front has already appeared, and the future will definitely be a sunny day.

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