There are many types of air compressors, among which the most popular ones are screw air compressors and piston machines. In developed countries, the market share of screw machines is much higher than that of piston machines, but in the Chinese market, piston machines account for more than 70% of the air compressor market. Let's compare the DSNEAIR screw compressors with piston machines. What are the advantages.

1. The high load carrying capacity of the screw air compressor allows the air compressor to run for 24 hours without frequent shutdown and cooling.
2. The operating temperature of the screw air compressor is much lower than that of the piston machine, which results in a longer service life.
3. The screw air compressor has no consumable parts such as pistons or piston rings, and its performance is stable.
4. Screw air compressor can provide compressed air with stable pressure, and the piston machine is unstable due to the generated air pressure. Usually, some allowance is needed when matching.
5. The post-cooling system of the screw air compressor removes 80% of the water vapor temperature, while the piston machine does not have a post-cooling function.
6. The screw air compressor uses less coolant and produces cleaner air than the piston machine.
7.Screw air compressor requires less maintenance and is easy to maintain.
8. In addition, the screw air compressor is much less noisy than the piston machine and can be placed indoors.

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