According to statistics from relevant agencies, 70% of air compressor accidents are caused by violations of the rules and regulations of China Air Compressor. Air compressor operating rules and regulations are to ensure the safety and health of employees in the operation of air compressors, and to ensure the safe operation of air compressors. These rules and regulations are standardized operating manuals developed by air compressor manufacturers based on equipment principles and air compressor operators are summed up in their work through long-term practice struggles. Therefore, they must be implemented in a meticulous manner. “There is no rule, no way”, if you do not follow the rules and regulations, it will inevitably lead to an accident and be punished. Moreover, without the premise of safe operation of the screw air compressor, once an accident occurs, the machine will be destroyed, the production efficiency will be impossible to talk about, and a major accident may even cause the enterprise to go bankrupt. In addition, in our production, some accidents seem to be purely accidental, but contingency is connected with the inevitability. If the realization can predict the existence of unsafe factors and take corresponding preventive measures, eliminate them in time. Safety hazards, accidents can be avoided, and will become an inevitable result,

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