Air compressor is called the four major energy sources of electricity, water and steam. It is widely used in industry, mining, engineering, medical industry and even agriculture. It is second only to electricity. One of the universal energy sources. Its industry provides aerodynamics for the downstream industry, and its development will drive the progress of important industries such as steel and chemical industry, mining and metallurgy, electronic power, military and aerospace. Therefore, the development of China Air Compressor industry should actively respond to the demand environment, strengthen innovation power and expand growth space in rational layout and integration optimization.

The Chinese air compressor market has entered a new 2013. In this year, the Chinese air compressor market has been expanding in the middle and high-end scale, while the state's macro-control measures have increased, focusing on operational efficiency and quality. The plan has been issued one after another. The promotion rules for screw air compressor energy-saving products have been released. It is expected that the annual growth rate of China's air compressors will be around 11% in the next few years. Leading enterprises with technological advantages and energy-saving advantages will continue to Increase and strive for multi-faceted applications in new areas.
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