Screw air compressor has become the new mainstream of air compressor development, with superior and reliable performance, low operating vibration, low noise, high efficiency and no wearing parts. The advantages are as follows: (1) By continuously applying pressure to the compression chamber and the bearing due to the pressure difference generated by itself, the complicated mechanical structure is simplified. (2) The injected lubricating oil can form an oil film between the rotors, which has the function of lubricating and cooling the equipment. The auxiliary rotor can be directly driven by the main rotor without using high-precision synchronous gears. (3) The injected lubricating oil can increase the airtightness. Used to improve the volumetric efficiency of air compressor, from the point of view of energy saving, the energy efficiency of oil air compressors is definitely higher than that of oil-free air compressors. (4) Lubricating oil can reduce the noise generated by high frequency compression. (5) During the use of the air compressor, the oil supply is fogged and mixed with the high temperature compressed gas. The lubricating oil is repeatedly heated and cooled at a high circulation speed, and the water and corrosive gases in the air are simultaneously It accelerates the oxidative deterioration of oil. Therefore, the synthetic lubricating oil is often used, which not only can absorb a large amount of heat of compression, but also the exhaust gas temperature is not too high, and the friction between the rotor and the casing is not caused by the difference in thermal expansion coefficient. (6) The oil and gas in the compressed air will cause a lot of troubles in use, even if it is processed by the precision filter, it can not reach the completely oil-free state, although the energy efficiency of the oil air compressor is better. High, however, precision filters add additional purchase and replacement costs and a certain pressure loss.
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