Screw air compressors What are the disadvantages we don’t know? How to solve it? The following is a small list:

1. Screw air compressor shortcomings: the unit fuel consumption or tight air oil content is large because of the cooling dose too much, the correct orientation Should be observed when the unit is loaded, the oil level should not be higher than half at this moment; the oil return pipe blockage will also constitute the shortcomings of the screw air compressor; the equipment of the return oil pipe does not meet the requirements, the screw air compressor will consume too much fuel; When the exhaust pressure is too low; the splitting of the oil separately will cause the shortcomings of the screw air compressor; the internal diaphragm of the cylinder is damaged respectively; the coolant is changed or overdue.

2. Screw air compressor shortcomings: low unit pressure
The reason for this shortcoming is that the internship gas volume is greater than the unit output gas volume; screw air compressor deflation, intake valve Disadvantages (cannot be closed when loading); the transmission system is abnormal, the ambient temperature is too high, the air filter is blocked; the load solenoid valve (1SV) is faulty; the minimum pressure valve is stuck; the user pipe network is leaking; the pressure sensor, the pressure gauge Disadvantages of screw air compressors such as pressure switches can cause low unit pressure; pressure sensor or pressure gauge input hose leaks;

3. Screw air compressor defect appearance: fan motor overload fan deformation Disadvantages of electric fan motor; shortcomings of electric fan motor thermal relay (aging); loose wiring; clogging of cooler; large exhaust resistance.

4.Screw air compressor Disadvantages: the unit current is too low; the wiring is loose; the unit pressure exceeds the extra pressure; the oil is clogged separately; the contactor is short; Host disadvantages; main motor shortcomings;

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