Screw air compressor has not been turned on for a long time, because there are several pipes inside the machine that are welded iron pipes, which are easy to rust, and the oil separator cover is also iron. It is easy to emulsify when turned on. This is related to the service life of the screw air compressor.

The company's technical specifications stipulate that: the machine has not been turned on for more than six months, the three filters and oil must be replaced by professionals, check the electrical components before replacement, remove internal dust, check the electrical wiring tightness, check each The pipes and valves are open. After power-on, check whether the three-phase voltage is normal, then turn it on, 5-6 seconds after power-on, press the emergency stop. See and turn it on again after 1 minute, two or three times, let the oil circulate inside the pipeline. After 2-3 hours of normal startup, check the internal joints and current and voltage of the machine to make sure that the machine is all normal, then press the stop to stop, stop 5 It is determined in minutes that there is no internal pressure before the three filters and oil can be replaced. When the power is turned on normally, observe the oil level, listen to the sound, check the current and voltage, and ensure that there is no fault before it can operate normally.

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