Lubricating oil plays a very big influence on the screw air compressor fittings. Below we will elaborate on two aspects: 1. The influence of oil quality The cylinder lubricating oil requires high viscosity and flash point. And stability, in the operating temperature can guarantee a certain oil film strength; oil quality is poor, can not afford lubrication, but will increase wear and affect the piston ring sealing performance. The oil must be selected according to the nature of the medium and the characteristics of the operating conditions. In addition, the analysis, management and management of the lubricating oil are performed, and the three-stage filtration is strictly performed. 2. The effect of oil injection is too small, the formation of sufficient oil film, the piston ring and cylinder wall wear increased, even dry grinding, severe heat, damage to the sealing performance; at the same time, due to increased wear, once the debris enters the gas valve, It also affects the tightness of the valve. When the amount of oil is too much, the decomposition of the oil will be degraded at high temperature, the light components in the oil will vaporize, and the heavy components will form carbon deposits at high temperatures. The carbon deposit will destroy the normal lubrication, accelerate the wear of the running parts, and even make the piston card Live or burn, destroy the sealing performance; at the same time, too much oil is brought into the valve. Forming a mucous membrane between the valve plate and the valve seat, generating an adsorption force, that is, the so-called oil film is sticky, increasing the resistance when opening, if the carbon deposit is deposited in the gas valve, the tightness is damaged, and finally the outlet temperature is made. Abnormally increased. Through the above two points, it can be clearly understood that the lubricating oil can reduce the friction of the surface of the opposite running parts, reduce the wear and improve the sealing performance of the piston ring of the screw air compressor.
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