Mobile screw machine has the following characteristics:
1. It is convenient to move frequently, working conditions are varied, and load changes are large;
2, Mobile screw machineMore heavy-duty, medium-speed or low-speed transmissions, most require frequent starting, and often withstand impact loads;
3, the field environment is harsh, humid, with rock dust, coal dust and gas, and some contain Sulfur harmful gas, so many mobile screw machines will encounter fire, explosion, corrosion and other problems;
4, open-air moving screw machine to withstand wind, sun, rain and summer hot winter cold climate Change;
5, due to the small space, the maintenance of the machine is more difficult, so the mobile screw machine is required to be durable and easy to repair.
The requirements for the lubricating oil of the moving screw machine are as follows:
1, The moving screw machine has a small volume and a small volume of the fuel tank, and the amount of lubricating oil is small. The oil temperature is higher during work, which requires the lubricant to have better thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
2, because the harsh environment in the field, coal dust, rock dust, water, the lubricant is inevitably contaminated by these impurities, so the lubricant should have better anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-emulsification properties; When the lubricant is required to be contaminated, its performance will not change too much, that is, it is less sensitive to pollution.
3, the open-air machinery winter and summer temperature changes greatly, and some areas have large temperature difference between day and night, so the viscosity of the lubricant is required to change with temperature, it is necessary to avoid the oil viscosity becomes too low when the temperature is high. Therefore, the lubricating film cannot be formed, the lubrication effect should not be achieved, and the viscosity is too high when the temperature is low, so that starting and running are difficult.
4. For some mobile screw machines, especially those used in environments prone to fires and explosions, which require the use of lubricants with good flame resistance, flammable mineral oil cannot be used.
5, the lubricant is required to adapt to the seal, so as to avoid damage to the seal.
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