The compressed gas produced by the ordinary screw machine contains a certain amount of oil, and even if a plurality of filtering devices are used, the oil and gas in the compressed gas cannot be completely eliminated. The introduction of dry oil-free screw compressors has completely solved the impact of oil-containing gas on the production process.

The DSNEAIR oil-free screw machine uses a two-stage compression technology. The head compression process eliminates the need for lubricating oil and produces 100% pure, oil-free compressed air. In addition, due to less wearing parts and convenient maintenance, the oil-free screw machine has been well received in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

* Produces pure high standard oil-free compressed air
*According to ISO 8537-1 standard
* Newly designed host with German technology for large row Quantity, low energy consumption
*100% oil-free, eliminates the safety hazard caused by oil
*Low wear parts, low operating cost, suitable for long-term continuous operation
*New noise prevention Design, low vibration, low noise
*Double head, secondary compression technology, international leading

Applicable industries: pharmaceutical, beverage, textile, medical, electronics, food

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