Solar air compressor oil change step:

1. Start up to normal temperature for one hour

2. Shut down

3. Discharge the fuel tank, cooler and all filters Oil

4. Add the newly replaced oil to the minimum amount of oil required for operation (eg 1/2 volume

5. Switch on and run to normal operating temperature for one hour. During this hour, open and close the exhaust valve every 15 minutes to allow the machine to cycle at the highest pressure and lowest pressure valve settings. You can increase the foam on the bull's eye observation window. You will also see the observation window clear from the beginning of the opacification

6, screw Air compressor Shutdown

7. Drain the fuel tank, the oil in the cooler and all filters

8. Add new oil to 1/2 volume

9. Repeat step 5

10, Shutdown

11. Discharge the oil from the screw air compressor, including the cooler. Fuel tank and filter. It is necessary to remove the pipe to remove the oil from the lower part. Clean the filter; replace the separator and all non-permanent oil filters. Check the inlet filter for contaminated oil and replace if necessary

12. Add the recommended minimum oil to the required oil (eg 1/2 volume

13, power on and run to normal temperature for 15 minutes

14, shut down and drain the oil inside the machine. Open the filter and filter, but No need to change

15. Add your recommended oil to the machine to normal oil level

16, restart and pay attention to the oil level. When screw air compressor machine operation, there will be about 1/2 oil in the observation window

17. The foam can be dispersed to the oil level within 2 minutes after shutdown and no oil flows out of the drain valve

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