Usually screw air compressor needs to be maintained once after more than 2000 hours of operation. In the maintenance process, hollow press oil is an indispensable work, and if the air compressor oil is of poor quality, More impurities and high viscosity. It is easy to cause, the air compressor is not enough oil supply. The displacement of the bearing bush causes the internal oil passage of the air compressor to be blocked and the bearing bush and the connecting rod to be pulled or the matching clearance is too small. The air compressor main shaft that easily causes the belt drive is locked, and the air compressor bearing bush or the connecting rod of the gear transmission is abnormally loose.
The main components of air compressor oil are lubricating oil and base oil. Lubricating base oil is mainly divided into mineral base oil and synthetic base oil. The chemical composition of air compressor oil base oils includes high boiling point, high molecular weight hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbon mixtures.

Air compressor oil components Lubricating oil base oil main production processes are: atmospheric and vacuum distillation, solvent deasphalting, solvent refining, solvent dewaxing, clay or hydrogenation supplement refining. According to the quality and performance of the screw air compressor lubricant, careful selection of additives, careful balance, and reasonable deployment are the key to ensure the quality of the lubricant.

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