Introduction to oil-free screw air compressor:
Oil-free screw compressor is divided into oil-free single-screw compressor and oil-free twin-screw compressor. In 1969, Mr. B.zimmern of France from invention first The high-efficiency oil-free screw compressor of the high-sealing seal means the birth of oil-free water-lubricated screw compressor technology. Once this advanced technology was discovered, it was immediately identified as a military technology by the developed Western countries and a long-term technical blockade of developing countries. It is widely used in military manufacturing and ship support. This technology has been used in shipboard military oil-free water-lubricated screw compressors in the United States, Britain, Germany and France, which has enabled B.zimmern's oil-free screw compressor technology to develop rapidly and maturely. Oil-free screw air compressor features
Modular design: Different performance requirements can be obtained by replacing standard bore sizes of different sizes at a small cost. The compressor seal design absolutely prevents harmful gas leaks. Piston rings and stuffing box materials for six operating conditions are available for different specific gas applications. Air and water cooling are available. Pressure lubricated bearings extend bearing life and increase bearing size. Isolation of the cylinder section to avoid oil vapor entering the cylinder, no need to install the rear filter device. The vertical crosshead structure ensures oil-free compression, avoiding the piston ring from being affected by the lateral force and improving the life of the crosshead. In multi-stage compression, an enlarged intercooler ensures cooling of the secondary and tertiary components. Thick cast iron cylinders and cylinder heads reduce warpage and reduce machine vibration. Large, low lift stainless steel valves last longer and more efficiently. The valve can be replaced without removing the cylinder head. The gas seal is a floating design that provides longer life and a better seal. The thickened piston ring is designed with engineered polymer material. The equipment is tested for a minimum of 4 hours at the factory, especially for customer specific conditions. Industrial heavy-duty design to ensure continuous operation Applications: 1. Screw air compressor: Mainly used in the aerodynamic field, used to drive various pneumatic tools, currently due to oil and gas separation and gas purification technology Development is also increasingly being used in applications where air quality is very demanding, such as food, pharmaceuticals and cotton spinning, which dominates many of the original oil-free air compressors. 2. Screw process compressor: used to compress gases in various processes, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, petroleum gas, etc., such as DSNEAIR air compressor.
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