Common air compressor VS screw air compressor
1, screw air compressor by screw head, electric motor, oil and gas separation barrel, cooling system It consists of air conditioning system, lubrication system, safety valve and control system. The whole machine is installed in one box body, which can be integrated into the flat concrete floor without fixing with anchor bolts.
2, the coolant is directly injected into the rotor by the nozzle at the lower part of the compressor casing, and mixed with air, taking away the heat generated by the compression to achieve the cooling effect, and at the same time forming a liquid film to prevent the compressor of the air compressor The intermetallic metal is in direct contact with the metal and closes the gap between the rotor and the casing, and the injected coolant can also reduce the noise generated by high-speed compression.
3, the gas mixture produced by the compressor is discharged into the oil and gas separation barrel. Due to the mechanical centrifugal force and gravity, most of the oil is separated from the oil and gas mixture, and the air passes through the glass fiber borosilicate fiber. The oil and gas separation core is made up, almost all the oil mist is separated, and the oil separated from the oil separation core is returned to the screw air compressor head through the return pipe, in the return pipe. The oil filter is installed on the oil filter. After the oil is filtered through the oil filter, the clean oil can be returned to the screw air compressor head. The aftercooler cools the compressed air and discharges it into the gas storage tank. The concentrated water is concentrated. In the gas tank, it is discharged through an automatic drainer or manually.

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