1. In the oxygen compressor, all parts in contact with screw air compressor oxygen must be strictly degreased and degreased before being loaded. Clean with carbon tetrachloride to avoid explosion. 2. When the oxygen compressor repair personnel replace or repair the parts in contact with the compressed oxygen, the hands must be cleaned first, and the work table and spare parts cabinet must be kept clean and oil-free. 3. The amount of lubricating water of the oxygen compressor should not be too small or water cut to avoid a sharp rise in the temperature of the cylinder; the amount of cooling water for the blasting cylinder and the cooler must be sufficient under the high pressure oxygen flow. 4. When the pressure changes of the oxygen compressor are not normal, the relevant valves should be replaced or repaired in time to avoid the cylinder temperature rising continuously. 5. Pay attention to the working condition of the upper and lower sealing letters of the middle seat of the oxygen compressor. If the sealing condition is not good, the filling port can be replaced in time to prevent the oil from being lifted into the cylinder of the oxygen compressor by the piston rod. Label [Oxygen Air Compressor] [Oxygen Air Compressor Precautions]Product 3 cubic air compressor 6 cubic air compressor 10 cubic air compressor