As a rotary compressor, screw air compressor has the characteristics of simple rotary compressor, simple size, airless valve assembly and other general rotary compressors, as well as its unique strengths, such as good balance of force. The friction loss is small, the volumetric efficiency is high, and the exhaust pulsation is small, so it is widely used in the fields of petrochemical, shipbuilding and refrigeration.
Injecting a proper amount of lubricating oil into the compression chamber of the piston air compressor can effectively cool and seal the gas in the compression chamber and form a good lubrication between the screw and the star wheel. The lubricating oil injected into the compression chamber greatly increases the heat exchange area between the oil and gas due to atomization, and has a strong cooling effect on the compressed high temperature gas, so that the exhaust temperature is greatly reduced, and the compression work is greatly reduced, so that China air compressorThe operation reliability is obviously improved; after the lubricant is injected into the compression chamber, it will enter the leakage gap of the compression chamber, effectively blocking the leakage of high-pressure gas, thereby reducing the energy loss during gas compression. Because of the good lubricating properties of the oil, the lubricating oil injected into the compression chamber enters the screw-star wheel meshing pair, forming a lubricating oil film between them, reducing friction and wear, and improving the life of the star wheel. On the other hand, the presence of oil increases the loss of viscous shearing, friction, agitation, and preheating, which increases the power consumption of the compressor and affects the function of the compressor.
Therefore, the amount of lubricating oil injected into the compressor should have an optimum value. In addition, the difference between the exhaust pressure and the compressor speed, the relative leakage of the gas is different, so it also affects the function of the air compressor.
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