After pneumatics machine is being purchased through type selecting, cannot open accident to use directly, regular investment uses the talent after still needing to be debugged through device. Wait for the limitation of the state as a result of field, after machine of a lot of pneumatics is purchased, be looked for at will therein center sets plant, need to be put it is well to fall only. Actually of pneumatics machine place and device also is it is important to be likened to, the function of a good placement and machine of pneumatics of progress of device ground potential energy and life.

1, the vibration that when pneumatics accident turns, produces is lesser, so not the fixed component with special demand, but level off of the beard in the sky of device and answer in sky enough the heft that accepts constrictive plane, avoid pneumatics machine produces vibration and occasion tone.

2, if pneumatics airplane unit is upstair, must make step of good vibration isolation, avoid vibration to be passed to downstair or produce resonance to produce a harm to pneumatics machine and building, raise restful hidden danger.

3, come loose as a result of pneumatics machine quantity of heat is big, it is wind cold type or water-cooling type no matter, the ventilated environment with good demand, environmental Wen Du crosses tall meeting to bring about constrictive machine presents microtherm run or overheating stops machine state. But also cannot open air is placed, insolation and drench go against pneumatics machine apply, those who raise a machine use life.

A few kinds of ventilated measure are as follows:

A: Air inlet and platoon a place with a draught find a place for at be aimed at the wall outdoor, call comfortable unit;

B: Add the electric fan that discharge wind;

C: Device guides wind conduit discharges wind at the wall outside;

D: Of be defeated guide of mobile board guide wind conduit is designed;

(can be defeated by sirocco when demand guide the computer room that enters iciness, prevent temperature to be in centigrade Leng Jiejing resembles the fit when 0 and its part)

E: The sirocco that applies machine eduction uses as warm wind.

The winter of frozen region, the sirocco progress that can use a machine is indoor temperature, summer criterion can stem from sirocco platoon outdoor.

4, have in humid air a few moisture, pneumatics machine is put in as dry as a chip environment as far as possible, increase the separate out of condenser water, fag end of journey of other immanent director adds ball valve, and make pipeline tilts 1~2° , the eduction of the condenser water in convenient pipeline.