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As industry and economy begin quickly, people is denounced about dynamic take also accumulate over a long period. Be accompanying mankind's unending exploitation, the reserves of fossil fuel increases increasingly, accumulate over a long period of world power crisis. Subsequently, dynamic closes manage application, in order to of dynamic tall effect and dynamic apply repeatedly, reclaim applied lose the widespread attention of people. China is population big country, dynamical application is likened to insecurity absolutely, face motivation to consume cannot high speed is begun be badly in need of again economically meteoric begin, only two roads are feasible: It is to use up can add dynamic consumption, 2 it is dynamic waste application.

Labour major reclaims hotly and applying is the invalid approach that rate of ascensive motivation application and environment defend, to ascensive countryman economy begin, dynamic applies 2 times maintain the sense with be had important with what reach an environment. Consequently, be versed in professional heat reclaimed to pay close attention to in a lot of province and industry by huge.

Be versed in professional heat is to point to, the quantity of heat that industry releases in consumptive process (redundant quantity of heat, the rest quantity of heat, the quantity of heat of waste) . More than heat reclaims even if reclaim these quantity of heat through installation of some kind of technology rise, lose is abundant means of a kind of of application energy-saving environmental protection. Current, more than heat reclaims to already was used generally at the market in the center, if heat of flue gas beyond reclaims, heat of air conditioning beyond reclaims etc, can save motivation to expend for numerous company plant, bring a lot of and handy.

Reclaim 2 times as motivation of application put forward, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims also more and more pay attention to, use generally at present the industry waits in spin, colliery, steely, power plant.

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims the content is serious

Pneumatics machine is plant business indispensible the device that uses, air is nature bestows our collect fees resource, nevertheless its are comparatived by constrictive capital costly. From the induction air in the environment, after the course is constrictive high-pressured air eduction, this one process not only progressed airy pressure potential energy, coinstantaneous a few constrictive heat. According to statistic of American power office, add the electric energy that air potential energy expends with Yu Tian truly, occupy about 20 % only in total power consumption, the quantity of heat of electric energy translate into of about 80 % , be equivalent to electric energy of spend money 10kW gain 2kW air motive force can. These quantity of heat do not have by abundant applying before, heat up through coming loose however fragmentary and direct discharged atmosphere in the center, not merely not energy-saving still not environmental protection. Pneumatics machine comes loose hot principle sees chart 2.

The temperature of oil gas mixture of airframe of pneumatics machine eduction is average be as high as 80-100 ℃ , if the quantity of heat of pneumatics machine cannot put forward in time, can form serious damage to equipment, affect efficiency yield gas. If reach oily lukewarm floor level, can safeguard a gender to stop machine. Consequently, pneumatics opportunity configures wind cold or water-cooling is fragmentary stop to drop in temperature, and this process that forces to drop in temperature, the process of waste also is on practice.

Actually about these by the quantity of heat of waste, very big one local can be reclaimed to apply. Add outfit sky to press machine beyond heat to reclaim after installation, heat energy of overall situation ministry is risen by abundant application, defend action to arriving since the environment, reduce all specific power consumption of plant business at the same time. Through pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims equipment uses the redundant heat energy of pneumatics machine entirely rise, but cold water translate into 45 degrees of hot water to 85 degrees. Use generally consume the life at the enterprise in the center, like life hot water, sirocco roast, central heating furnishs, eletroplate groovy hot water, boiler complement hot water, rinsing equipment uses water to wait.

Basis country is newest announce " boiler air purifies content to discharge a standard " (GB13271-2014) , the State Council " atmosphere purifies program of act of prevention and cure " , coal fired boiler is indispensible discharge a standard from what severity of executive all the more carries out since July 1, 2016, and the 10t on criterion and furnace of pannikin of the following coal fired need fall into disuse as soon as possible. So pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims became a kind of incline to.

By chart 3, 4 prep according to, can see more than heat reclaims to make enterprise echo country energy-saving not merely clearly environmental protection policy, can save a few fund for the enterprise more.

Will tell about the enterprise, should analyse invalidly reclaim the design program that uses machine of more than hot pneumatics and economic benefits, find out invalid plan in order to facilitate, abundant carry on piece reclaim the corresponding function of more than heat, chart 5 for pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims the market is analysed.

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims aircrew

Be based on this kind of state, enterprise of quite a few changes those who heat up means to adjust the heat energy that finish through be opposite reclaim application, this kind is transformed not only can ground of the biggest limitation reclaims energy, increase specific power consumption, still can progress the efficiency yield gas of pneumatics machine, life of equipment of outspread pneumatics aircraft. Be aimed at this one state, more than heat reclaims the industry outside equipment is shown gradually come advantage.

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims aircrew, be a kind reclaim technically the heat energy of microtherm oil gas that when pneumatics accident turns, application produces, the installation that collect of the heat energy that finish uses. Following plan institute are shown, electromotor drives screw to rotate air classics filter by inspiratory screw high-pressured air is made in constrictive machine, and with back and forth oil mixes form microtherm oil gas to mix style, enter oil gas take leave of implement, oil gas mixture body is mixed by oil of low temperature of share out bonus high-pressured gas, the user is supplied to apply after aeriform classics radiator among them, and the oil gas that make a round trip is in oil gas take leave of implement hind by take leave of, heat comes loose to filter by filter via condenser again after condensing into liquid state return constrictive machine to complete process of a loop. More than heat reclaims machine be make a round trip microtherm oily (or microtherm oil gas) introduce pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims inside aircrew, course heat exchanger is abundant reclaim the microtherm heat energy that pneumatics machine produces in locomotive process, the reduced pneumatics chance locomotive temperature progress that disables at the same time is empty the invalid movement that press runs is added produce tolerance.

Because constrictive chance is outside the loop is lukewarm to oil have a demand, the calorific value that increases different temperature is different, efficiency of heat exchanger heat exchange is different, basis project carries out experience, the axial power of constrictive machine is the amount to of quantity of heat that can be applied about 65 % , oil gas double time give out effects rate to be able to amount to 80 % above. Reclaim means course oil is lukewarm (75 ℃ - 90 ℃ ) heat reclaims give priority to, air temperature (75 ℃ - 90 ℃ ) heat reclaims for complementary.

The quantity of heat that more than heat reclaims forecasts pneumatics chance

Analyse in the light of pneumatics machine quantity of heat with 1 132 for exemple, pneumatics plane to load is 80% , round-the-clock 24 hours of computation, press 360 days of computation every year, convert of charge of electricity 0.7 yuan / KW.h, computation is as follows (heat exchange efficiency with 65% computation, heat exchanger efficiency presses 90% computation) :

Can reclaim hourly quantity of heat:




Consult unit conversion table is knowable, 1kWh=860kcal, machine of pneumatics of only station can offer quantity of heat to be:


= 52460kcal

Reclaiming quantity of heat is calculated for employee bathing number

The hot water amount that can produce 40 ℃ hourly is:

M=Q/(c× △ T)

=52460&pide;45(temperature is poor)


Can produce hot water 1165×24=27960kg =27 everyday ton, bathe to be 100kg each everyday plan, can bathe for 270 people.

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims foreground is dark

As promotion of continuity of international socioeconomy degree, price of correspondence of product of of all kinds motivation often drops, it is crucial that motivation expends the consumptive operation about industrial business, the dynamical capital that company place is faced with also is accumulate over a long period, corresponding equipment is consequently energy-saving ameliorative necessity is mainer and mainer.

Meanwhile, innovate increasingly as what have blind faith in a technology, make more than heat reclaims energy-saving delibrate lose of the category begin tantivy, the more than heat of pneumatics machine reclaims lose the development of substaintial sex and application. Show solid proof, applied pneumatics machine more than hot heat addition not only the normal movement that does not affect pneumatics engine, and fragmentary to pneumatics machine movement is very profitless.

Invest, benefit good people is much. In environmental protection energy-saving times, the benefit that more than heat reclaims mixes pneumatics machine advantage will more and more trenchant.