Before installing the DSNEairscrew air compressor, carefully check for damage caused by transportation. If you find any obvious damage, please contact our customer service department immediately. I. Installation requirements 1.Air compressor should be placed in a clean, dust-free, air-free gas, flammable, explosive gas and well ventilated place, and convenient for maintenance work. 2.Air compressor cannot be used in the open air unless the air compressor has this open-air installation option, all air compressors must be Install indoors (or add a cover). 3. The outdoor environment is poor and there is a lot of dust. A coarse filter should be installed in the air inlet of the room to reduce the indoor dust content. 4. The ambient temperature must be above 5 °C to ensure that the lubricant can circulate normally. 5.Air compressor There must be a certain space around the wall, 1 meter away from the wall for the operator's daily operation, maintenance and overhaul. 6.Air compressor must be placed on a level, hard surface without bolting. Do not install the screw air compressor near the hot air. The hot air discharged from the exhaust pipe cannot be circulated in. 2. The cooling method of the unit and the requirement air compressor generate a large amount of heat during operation. In order to ensure the normal operation of the unit, there must be sufficient ventilation in the room. The air volume of the exhaust fan must be greater than or equal to the value in the table below (the value in the table is one, multiple stacks).
Recommended ventilation method and flow

air-cooled Type30SA40SA50SA60SA75SA100SA
Cooling air volume (M³/h)400040005300530091509150
Cooling air volume (M³/h)1500 150015001500
Cooling water volume (M&sup3 ;/h)3456

Requires cooling water for water-cooled units
1. Total hardness with CaCo3 should be less than 100PPM (100mg/L)
2.PH The value is between 6 and 8
3. The suspended matter does not exceed 50 PPM (50 mg/L)
The water temperature of the cooling water is designed to be 30 °C, and the water quality must meet the general industrial water. Avoid using ground water. If the water quality is poor, regularly add detergent to remove the scale. In the winter, the area below the freezing point will be shut down for a long time. The cooling water must be drained.
Third, the connection requirements of the air piping system
1. When piping, The diameter of the exhaust pipe is required to be at least the same as the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the air compressor. All pipes and fittings shall be able to withstand the rated pressure, and the flow rate of the appropriate gas shall be configured so that the pressure drop of the pipe shall not exceed The pressure is set at 5% of the press, and the components with large elbows and large drag coefficient are minimized in the line. When the pipeline is long, it is better to use a larger diameter than the design value.
2. Avoid condensed water in the pipeline flowing along the pipeline to the working machine or pneumatic components. The gas-water separation device and the sewage device should be installed at the front end. When piping the main pipeline, the pipeline must have a slope of 1 to 2 degrees to facilitate the discharge of the condensed water in the pipeline.
3. At the exit of the compressor, a check valve and a shut-off valve should be installed, and then there should be a pressure sampling port and a maintenance shut-off valve for hose connection and maintenance work.
4. Since the air compressor base has a shock pad and no fixed support, all external pipes must have their own independent support. Pipe installation should be considered when shutting down, do not allow condensate to flow back into the air compressor. (The piping connecting the air compressor must not be higher than the air outlet of the air compressor.)
5. When the compressor is used with the dryer, the ideal piping system is to install a storage between the compressor and the dryer. The gas tank can cool the gas discharged from the compressor and separate part of the condensed water. At the same time, after passing through the gas storage tank, the compressed air with lower temperature and less moisture is sent into the dryer, which can reduce the load of the dryer and save energy.
6. The ideal piping is that the main line surrounds the entire gas plant, so that both sides can obtain compressed air at any position, and the appropriate valve is arranged around the main line to facilitate the inspection and cutting.
Fourth, electrical installation requirements and electrical inspection
1. All air compressor air cables have been tested by the factory, the external wires connected to the air compressor must use the wires produced by qualified manufacturers, according to the needs of the compressor group The input power used, the correct choice of power cord specifications. When the power line is long, the line loss should be considered. In this case, the line diameter should be thickened to meet the start and operation of the air compressor.
2. Large displacement compressors should consider a separate power supply system to avoid affecting the normal operation of other equipment when the compressor starts.
3. The air compressor must confirm that the power supply voltage should be consistent with the rated working voltage of the compressor before powering up.
4. The compressor unit must be equipped with a reliable grounding wire to prevent danger due to leakage.

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