When the screw air compressor is deactivated for a period of time and then turned on, it will inevitably cause some minor problems, even affecting the performance and service life of the machine. What should I pay attention to before starting up? Our DSNEair after-sales staff analysis is as follows:

1. Read and understand the instructions attached directly.

2. Verify the various instruments of the air compressor to ensure that the parameters are correct.

3. Check that the appliance and twin-screw air compressor motor start lever are in the starting position.

4. Check the power supply of the twin-screw air compressor to ensure it is within the specified range.

5. Open the inlet and outlet valves, start the circulating water pump, make the waterway unblocked, and check for leaks at each joint.

6. Check that the twin-screw air compressor coupling is installed properly.

7. Close the relief valve.

8. Check if the oil level of the twin-screw air compressor is correct.

9. Install the twin-screw air compressor as standard and carefully check that the air compressor's fixture is secure before turning it on.