dsneair screw air compressor DE-7.5kW

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dsneair screw air compressor DE-7.5kW


  1. Configure high-efficiency and energy-saving customized hosts
  2. Choose an oil-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor with an efficiency of 96
  3. Apply Desnair's exclusive development of intelligent three-generation controller
  4. Configure high-resolution Desnell touch screen
  5. Configure customized high-end inverter
  6. The electrical part cooperates with the industry's leading brand ABB to ensure stability
  7. Apply the industry's first remote control system to greatly improve the after-sales response speed and realize all-round management of equipment


oduct Details

Serial numberprojectunitparameter
1Volume flow / exhaust pressureM³/ min)/ MPa6.5/0.8
2Ambient temperature°C-5~+45
3cooling methodAir-cooled
4Exhaust gas temperature°C≤ambient temperature +25
5transfer methodDirect connection
6Air volume adjustment methodPermanent magnet frequency conversion
7Gas oil contentppm≤3
8Set pressure of safety valveMpa0.92
9Electric motorpowerkW37
Rotating speedrpm3000
Starting method frequency conversion
Protection class/insulation classIP65/F
11weightkgApproximately 650
12Compressed air outlet pipe diameterG1 1/2
13Air switch currentA≥150

Features of standard general oil-injected screw air compressor:

1. Screw host

Desnell original host, excellent compression efficiency, energy saving more than 5% compared with similar products in the market;

Exclusive patented linear design, while ensuring efficient operation, it can operate freely, durable and stable even under frequent start and stop conditions;

Excellent processing materials, extremely high processing progress, and sophisticated assembly technology ensure the life of the main machine head of each model.

2. Drive system

Elastic coupling connection, tight and no gap, no risk of wrong teeth;

Plum blossom multi-head high-efficiency coupling, 100,000 times of high-strength impact resistance test, to ensure stability and durability;

Imported coupling, excellent material selection, abrasion resistance, oil stain resistance, and aging resistance.

3. Air filter system

Pre-intake pre-filtering to prevent large particles from entering;

Card slot design, easy to clean and remove;

The air filter adopts a lock design, no additional tools are required to disassemble, and it is easy to open/buckle;

Selected high-quality air filter, dust removal filtration accuracy of 3 microns 99.9%; two-stage filtration of reverse flow rotation and paper fiber, suitable for various environments from plateau to flat ground;

The heavy-duty nano air filter is available for users in heavy dust production environments.

4. Oil and gas separation system

High-efficiency dedicated air compressed oil and gas separator, the oil content of the compressed gas is ≤3ppm;

The high degree of recycling of lubricating oil can effectively avoid the phenomenon of flying oil;

High-efficiency filter element, without frequent replacement, long service life;

The user-friendly design for disassembly and assembly of the oil-gas separation barrel cover can be easily replaced, saving time and effort.

5. Oil filter

Use well-known brand oil filters, highly clean and filter, prolong the service life of moving parts such as the machine head and gear box;

Durable, high-efficiency filter element, with greater capacity to filter oil and dirt, without frequent replacement; rotary installation, easy disassembly and assembly, and simple maintenance.

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