Archaic society what most Jin Gui? Beardless doubt, sure it is a talent. Of an enterprise puny, with the enterprise direction of program, product is not divided, with the boss' look, format cent does not leave, more of the accumulation with the talent and group build cent not to leave. As diversity of element of market situation change and industry competition, the talent once made constrictive machine trade the rarest the resource that lack, the central competition ability of the enterprise more and more behave those who be pair of talents to breed, have and apply. After all, again wonderful grand blue print, again long-range strategy plans, cooperation of concerted effort of group of demand person with ability and be born applies, it is the month in the flower in lens, water otherwise.

International is constrictive the talent current situation of machine industry

In constrictive machine industry, can be talent cent from professionalism angle: Technical qualified personnel, sale talented person and administrative person with ability. This among them, technical qualified personnel can is according to task characteristic cent again with mental rest the talent of technical research and development of be good at and with be good at of proceed with ability make / maintenance qualified personnel; Administrative person with ability manages object and strong point to divide from its, cent manages for the technology and can sell management. Of course, still general affairs is likened to complex general management post. As to other like resource of financial, manpower, promote wait for post talent, although also be the one link with make industry group very important, but go with posture of constrictive engine professional work further, of short duration does not discuss.

Indicate from the talent in light of the object, different period emphasizes particularly on to differ somewhat. For example, in 10 years of constrictive machine industries before, as a result of beforehand constrictive machine consumes international enterprise, much beyond the screwdriver plant that buys fair edition lead plane to stop to assemble is given priority to, product technology content is low, market demand is big, consequently, the centre of gravity of the enterprise depends on selling, selling elite is a talent. As the market begin and technical proportion increases, the talent nowadays is given priority to with lay particular stress on of technology and sale. As to general management kind talent, popular all the time.

Talent deficient is the achievement that at present industry of whole and constrictive machine exists, the picture that digs a talent in the each other inside course of study is very general. The school that international sets constrictive machine major is less, because gain is too small,current constrictive mechanism makes trade bring about talent pay is absolutely and inferior, gentleman of professional school graduate is loath also go to small and medium sized business the task, would rather stay mostly school or unemployment of home head big company is counted inside course of study, change his profession even. Consequently, it is very difficult that dimensions belongs to medium or small constrictive aircraft company invite applications for a job arrives the technical personnel that has sufferred professional education to groom, it is practised, OK to invite applications for a job of effort of the vessel below even if arrives or foster a business the talent of take charge of a department alone, find new job very easily also leave. From this, form a talent to short on one hand, hit an enterprise to stop the initiative that the talent fosters again on one hand. The current situation that the talent shorts turns over what restricted industry and company again in the past to begin.

Medium or small the influence of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of person with ability of constrictive aircraft company

We want clear view to arrive, talent achievement is the central achievement of the enterprise. The talent's prediction of a person's luck in a given year is the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of company capital, the life that affects a business surely surely and begin. So, how to avoid talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year, already became international numerous medium and small businesses is indispensible the first result that face and handles.

According to beforehand appraise, at present the rate of prediction of a person's luck in a given year in company of a few constrictive aircraft is as high as international 30% , and rate of exorbitant talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year is sure to bring bigger negative effect to the enterprise, can affect the latent capacity that the enterprise continues to begin and competition ability finally, can make the enterprise is moved toward finally even arisen, its are right the influence of the enterprise also cannot small gaze.

1. talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year can form technical prediction of a person's luck in a given year or commerce is divulged secretly

In constrictive aircraft company, the activity is the most frequent often is pair of enterprises such as personnel of salesperson, technology, administrator begin it is important to be likened to and trade demand also is likened to large staff, after these personnel departure enterprises, the resource such as the skill that its master, client can follow an and his like to break very much, secret of a few trade also can be divulged, this is very adverse to the enterprise.

For example, after personnel of a few technologies inside course of study is dug, the personnel that be dug hawks his technology everywhere, the constrictive machine product that fashions the market to go up, technology is same. And elite of the sale outside course of study is dug or after housekeep, the example that takes away large quantities of clients and market is without number more.

2. talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year can add the operation capital of the enterprise

The loss that talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year forms can be mirrorred finally to the operation capital of the enterprise, form the rise of operation capital, the capital that the consumes loss capital and new employee error after be like old stuff leave one's post and waste bring. In the meantime, the enterprise wants new invite applications for a job, groom new employee, the original capital of resource of company labor power and replacement capital are sure also rise.

Taste 29 days with quick pass the time in a leisurely way can what begin differs is, constrictive machine serves as a kind of relatively sophisticated mechanical equipment, it is research and development of the maintenance after the market is sold or making work, technology no matter, demand has stated reason to be versed in strength and computation plan as a whole ability, the control of these fundamental skill and apply, short lecture of 29 days can be not finished, wait for more complex use link about big client, large scale computer and contract motivation management, be being entered even still also is new personality 3 years two all right. Say so, as a result of constrictive aircraft qualified personnel breed capital very tall, the loss that place of talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year forms is a lot of bigger also.

3. talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year can affect company employee morale

The negative effect that talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year produces to the enterprise or direct capital loss still depend on, because the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of one local talent is opposite,the mood of personnel of other on guard reachs task manner to be able to produce negative effect. Because talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year can be comforted very much,this is more large-scale personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year, and fasten personnel clew to still the choice opportunity that provides perspective more exists to its. The talent lose that should see prediction of a person's luck in a given year especially better launch opportunity probably lose when more accrual, the staff that keeps on post is moved knowingly, job enthusiasm suffers an effect, the person that never perhaps has wanted to find new job before also is met germinant probably the job with preliminary and germinant new look for.

4. talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year can make the competitor's competition ability progresses

Although constrictive machine industry is an open market, but ability prediction of a person's luck in a given year meets the person to break out inside course of study of one's own profession mostly, especially those actual strength strong the elite talented person that gathered natural resources of certain person arteries and veins, market, technology again (professional handler) , loather maintain constrictive engine facilities to go from 0 germinant. They or it is oneself do poineering work or be enterprise of flow direction competitor, no matter why be planted,the state has the actual strength that can enhance this industry competitor, make enemy strong I am weak, make bigger competition ability contrast.

Constrictive machine industry a few agential boss and many some closer year new the consumptive manufacturer that hold water, it is from the housekeep after skill is being acquired over there old boss. Even some constrictive aircraft company is called before ” of military school of “ Huang Bu, see the level with talent serious prediction of a person's luck in a given year; And general manager, deputy the professional handler of level of total, chief inspector finds new job, it is common occurance more.

Medium or small of cause of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of person with ability of constrictive aircraft company analyse

1. lacks good company culture

Large minority is medium or small constrictive aircraft company does not pay attention to an enterprise to be built civilizedly, employee lacks common value sense, feel not strong to the self-identity of the enterprise, the business is serious the thing is disinclined to pay close attention to, individual activity interest is not high, this is the enterprise attracts as main as a of tarry talent reason hard.

Pay of 2. firewood fulfil, welfare is absolutely poorer

To old small number of people, firewood fulfil is tall it is the most invalid encouragement artifice. The cost with very big spend money of company of very much constrictive aircraft seeks a talented person, disentomb talent, this was going up objectively to provide vast space for the activity of outstanding talent. Rate of pay of the ability that become a person is very low when cannot behaving organization value probably, prediction of a person's luck in a given year is become sure.

3. task, surroundings remains to improve

The achievement secondary of existence has: Environment of skilled worker task is poor, the personnel of a gleam of such as the maintenance after making work especially, all the year round 24 hours on call, bear is bitter cold severe winter, often all over the body is smeary; The salesperson is away on official business temporarily, cannot attend to family; Personnel of research and development works overtime unendingly, often wait to the late night.

Company of little constrictive chance begins prospect in 4. not dark

Because amount of put oneself in another's position of constrictive machine industry is not large, the enterprise is numerous, before consumption promises card to cancel, the enterprise that obtain evidence is as high as many 400, but go up among them it is dimensions, certain to have ability of research and development and the company that have specific gain form are little little. Consequently, once enterprise cannot the test of bear market and be washed out, the employee be the first to be affected of the enterprise becomes victim, reduce salary, cut down the member of persons employed, unemployed meeting in quick succession. About the talent for, have to ponder this to affect the essential factor of the life. So, medium or small constrictive aircraft company enrols a person hard, especially technical main force, although stay, also be fickle, have the risk that find new job at any time.

5. opinion on public affairs publicizes oriented influence

In recent years rapid spread enrols the university, talent demand is patulous without synchronism however, unemployed situation is grim, as a result is graduating at living first greatly is unemployed germinant achievement. Below this kind of state, the school, parent, enemy engrafts to the gentleman the idea that rides an ass to look for a horse, below the state that did not find appropriate unit, find place of a stay first, the unit of ideal of look for of edge task, edge. Current, the employee of company of little constrictive chance in many entering is the person that enter randomly, selling a group is heavy disaster area more, personnel activity rate is particularly high, a batch of newlywed person that often recruit painfully, groom mount guard after 3 months, do not leave to go up.

6. lacks invalid person to ability is developed and breed a mechanism

Person with ability of company of little constrictive chance breeds lack to plan in, the idea that career of lack talent profession devises, make a talented person right locate mediumly in the enterprise and begin feel spellbound. Do not pay attention to the talent's development especially, cannot offer for employee have the space that develops latent capacity. A lot of constrictive aircraft companies are right the talent's demand, the eye is outward, ” of airborne arms of self-conscious believe “ , lack is right be bred from what have technical personnel, administrator, skilled worker and put sb in a very important position, cannot carry on their intelligence an wisdom well, innovation policy does not reach the designated position, keep within limits this innovation initiative of local staff.

In the countermeasure of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of person with ability of company of little constrictive chance is analysed

1. enhances “ to be the administrative criterion of this ” with the person

Ma Yun ever said, the cause Lin Lin that employee resigns always, as long as the truest at 2 o'clock: Money, did not give reach the designated position; Heart, treated unjustly. Esteem is couldn't get in this enterprise when employee, when oneself demand, desire already cannot be finished, they are met ground of honor permits no turning back the choice that makes separate company. The criterion that carries out “ to be this ” with the person asks the enterprise coachs the talented person that has belief is watched, want to have a mind which perceives both past and future, chooses gift courage that knows ability, mind that holds ability, skill that uses talent already, in the consumptive operation that is in an enterprise even, develop the effect of every organization, let crew show loving care for an enterprise. Blend organization and enterprise rise, make of talent lose enterprise pay attention to and of idea contented. Say easy to read and understandly, “ is this ” with the person is “ leaves a person to take care ” first.

2. holds to the criterion that manages according to “ law ”

Talent activity cannot prevent, normal, reasonable activity should give assure. And to assure group opportunity of survival, be poured out of through proper way and inpour a few employee also are indispensable. But at the same time, the enterprise needs again the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that avoids trunk strength as far as possible, prevent from this and form technical give away official secrets, trade give away official secrets, bring to the enterprise damage badly, reduce each capital of talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year as far as possible even at the same time. And should assure reasonable activity already, should avoid again or reduce the loss of the enterprise, this carries out the criterion that manages according to “ law ” with respect to demand, come with “ law ” behavior of activity of standard person with ability, will assure the benefit of vivid mover and enterprise home remedy with “ law ” , the rights and interests of balanced home remedy and obligation.

Constrictive aircraft company should make sound regulations system, confidential to company business prediction of a person's luck in a given year stops to control. The business that the enterprise wants to make sound regulations system defend a company is private not by divulge. In the market of fierce competition, the enterprise has his commercial secret, this is an enterprise a magic weapon in the get victory in market competition, indispensible try to safeguard. The divulge of the commercial secret that brings about to avoid the prediction of a person's luck in a given year as a result of personnel consequently, indispensible regulation keeps apart the enterprise period, namely according to this secret benefit period accident, the personnel of administrator of regular high level, research and development that can be close to central technology material, need inside before pouring out of an enterprise one paragraph of corresponding time with this the secret breaks away from a contact, yi Ke is opposite lawfully the its activity incline to, confidential obligation after pursueing post, prediction of a person's luck in a given year make necessary limitation.

Constrictive aircraft company should enhance patent request and patent to safeguard, leave to technical personnel the state that forms patent technology divulge a secret, product to be modelled on, should chase after lawfully appeal to. Probably many people think, constrictive machine already did not have a secret, especially international medium and small businesses is more nonexistent the technology is secret. On reality, this kind of view is wrong, on one hand, disregard some closer the effort that makes in technical product side mixes year of civilian battalion enterprise acquisition gain, on the other hand, body amount is the more small, want to pay attention to the maintenance of patent and technology more, pressure of because present investment is right miniature business but not small, the risk is very big.

3. uses the firewood reward system of diversity

The talent parts enterprise, because went up to produce dissatisfaction sufficient move to the enterprise in the different level that its itself develops,be. Say for example, the first goal that new employee enters a business is high pay, use the basic requirement on contented basic necessities of life, after materially lose is contented, with respect to the demand that can develop higher level further. If employee feels demand cannot when lose is contented, can choose departure. The enterprise identifies in time in the deserve in manpower resource management the talent is in the demand of different level or the diverse demand that are personnel of contented and disparate arrangement of ideas, cash high pay is not alone the processing program of one. For example, can cooperate other welfare treatment and cent prescription form: Yearly salary is made or program of stock period power, profit is shared make, promote and begin an opportune moment. About average employee character, high pay water adds appropriate company culture to once can satisfy its requirement, but to elite of talent of person high end, main force, their pursuit is more, gao Yuan of purpose all the more, the will satisfy various talent itself with the pay that is not economy life that demand enterprise uses economy, begin, perfect demand, on each level that yields employee to be begun in itself can look for is mixed to new space enthusiastic, those who be an enterprise is abiding launch consecratory effort.

4. breeds education to deploy reasonable talent troop

Inside constrictive machine industry, although a lot of enterprises already held water ten, more than 20 years long, but remain a kind and go and the state of mind that read, plan in the talent especially and breed, pay attention to only short make the same score the project that can use quickly immediately, and do not pay attention to pair of employee, especially trunk talent is fragmentary of gender, provisionality breed. Groom for example can tell how to build a machine only, and do not tell why, more do not say a principle. Actually, it is more important to breed what master than short-term craft to groom about the provisionality of elite talent.

In the enterprise, one local person can learn automatically, and it is deepness study, this kind of freewill “ charges the motivation of ” is the autosuggestion that ego develops a desire and encouragement consequence, the desire that ego of this kind of employee develops is not the competency that is satisfied at be opposite to have post or existing job merely definitely, its purpose is to will come the profession develops next dozen of root, invent a condition. So, demand of constrictive aircraft company is aimed at latent capacity of this kind of “ ” establishs a really feasible professional career program, for the talent build can develop the space of literary talent and arena, let more people want to work, let think working person can do more things, the person that lets do more thing is OK lose is repaid reasonably, according to characteristic of talent, occupational and rule, be a talent begin provide good luck and power, make the develops direction and business purpose of employee blends in together, make pair of winning appearance.

It is a purpose with the central competition ability of arraign enterprise, with the enterprise innovation project is rely on, get a soldier to just be with the technology break, be established gradually and perfect to cover an industry the team of technical business talented person with each technology element, sound program; It is a center in order to promote a profession quality and professional skill, begin with high skill person with ability for the key, advance products plan, workmanship, component treatment, assemble debug, the scale of the person with ability of technical element high skill such as maintenance work for, breed education the team of high skill person with ability with reasonable, profound craft.