Many manufacturers use air compressor when they encounter abnormal noise when the machine is running, such as metal collision sound, impact sound, uniform knocking sound, friction whistling sound, etc. Wait. If you have any problems with the host overhaul or air compressor maintenance, you can contact Shanghai DSNEair, and there are professionals to help you solve problems.

1. Reason for abnormal noise: The belt is too loose, and the main and passive belt groove type is too large to cause the squeaking sound (belt transmission type).

Solution: Replace the belt and adjust the belt tightness.

2. Reasons for abnormal noise: When the screw air compressor is running, the oil supply is not timely, so that the yin and yang screws are directly engaged without lubricating oil, and the dry friction of the metal produces howling.

Solution: Check the oil level, replace the oil filter, and add oil to the air compressor main unit, and let the oil bubble to the 3/4 of the rotor.

3. Cause of abnormal noise: The anchor or the inlet filter fixing bolt is loose.

Solution: Check and tighten the bolts and re-align the air compressor.

4. Cause of abnormal noise: The tightening gear nut is loose, causing the tooth gap to be too large to produce a crash sound.

Solution: Check the vibration and confirm that the tightening gear nut is loose for repair.

5. Cause of abnormal noise: The intake valve is not closed tightly, the air leakage is large, and the intake valve is reversed to vibrate.

Solution: Adjust the position of the intake butterfly.

6. Reasons for abnormal noise: The host loses the air intake, causing the yin and yang screw to click and produce a howling sound.

Workaround: Perform host overhaul.

7. Reason for abnormal noise: The gap between the male and female screws and the bearing end face is too large.

Workaround: Perform host overhaul.

8. Cause of abnormal noise: The main bearing is damaged.

Workaround: Perform host overhaul