1. Before starting the machine, first check the mobile screw air compressor for oil leakage. Second, when starting up, you should first click the start button 1 or 2 times, each time the start time is within 5 seconds, that is, stop before the conversion of the star triangle, and observe whether the oil level drops, and confirm that the temperature does not rise rapidly, it can be normal. Boot up.
Third, mobile screw air compressor should pay attention to whether the temperature changes after the start-up, the temperature rise should not be too fast, after the start-up is very kind, the machine temperature should remain undisturbed.
4. After the power is turned on, observe whether the indicator light is normal, whether the pressure is normal, whether there is abnormal sound. If there is abnormal sound, press the emergency stop button to stop the inspection.
V. The stop of the mobile screw compressor should be stopped according to the stop button. After the unloading delay, stop it. Remember to press the emergency stop button for normal shutdown, otherwise the machine will be severely damaged.
Sixth, daily dust should be cleaned, record the oil level, temperature, running time, pressure changes, for future reference.
VII. Air filter: It is a device for filtering the air in the working environment to prevent the dust in the air from entering the mobile screw compressor and affecting the working function and service life of the machine. The air filter should be cleaned on schedule (use the ******* blow dust once a month). If it is found that the perforation or severe blockage is to be replaced in time (note: disassemble after stopping, prevent other items from inhaling and damage the machine)
Oil filter: Before the cooling and cooling oil enters the main engine, perform a fine filtration to block the fine dust in the oil system before it is sprayed into the host to prevent damage to the host. After the machine is running or unloaded, the running temperature rises rapidly or the oil filter clogging alarm light is on, and the oil filter must be replaced. (Note: the new oil filter should be filled first with oil to prevent the main engine from burning out)
Nine, oil and gas separation core: the host compressed gas and lubricating oil mixed, after separation by the oil separator, there are fine oil particles and then fine separation to ensure the quality of gas supply. It will be replaced on schedule in 5,000 hours (replaced by our company), depending on the working environment and the quality of the gas supply.
Advantages of mobile screw compressor
Mobile screw compressor has become the new mainstream of air compressor development, with superior and reliable performance, low vibration and noise Low, high efficiency, no wearing parts. The precise fit between the yin and yang rotors and between the rotor and the outer casing reduces the gas backflow leakage and improves the efficiency; only the rotors mesh with each other, no cylinder reciprocating motion, reducing the vibration source and noise source; unique lubrication side brings There are many advantages:
By the pressure difference generated by itself, the lubricant is continuously injected into the compression chamber and the bearing, which simplifies the complicated mechanical structure; the injected lubricating oil can form an oil film between the rotors, and the device is lubricated. With the cooling effect, the auxiliary rotor can be directly driven by the main rotor without the need of high-precision synchronous gears; the injected lubricating oil can increase the airtightness. Used to improve the volumetric efficiency of the air compressor. From the point of view of energy saving, the energy efficiency of the oil air compressor is definitely higher than that of the oil-free air compressor; the lubricating oil can reduce the noise generated by high frequency compression; During the use of the screw compressor, the oil supply is misted and thoroughly mixed with the high-temperature compressed gas. The lubricating oil is repeatedly heated and cooled at a high circulation speed, and the water vapor and corrosive gas in the air are accelerated. Oxidation deterioration of oil products. Therefore, synthetic lubricants are used, which not only can absorb a large amount of heat of compression, but also the exhaust gas temperature is not too high, and the friction between the rotor and the casing is not caused by the difference in thermal expansion coefficient; the mobile screw compressor compresses the oil and gas in the air. It will cause a lot of troubles in use, even if it is processed by a precision filter, it will not reach a completely oil-free state. Although the energy efficiency of the oil air compressor is high, the precision filter will additionally generate the cost of purchase and replacement. A certain pressure loss.
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