There are more and more manufacturers using screw air compressor on the market. In order to facilitate the manufacturers to master the operation process of the equipment, ensure the safe, continuous and stable operation of the equipment and reduce equipment failure. The frequency of occurrence, to prevent personal safety accidents, Shanghai DSNEair Machinery Group Co., Ltd. specially established the safe operation of the following equipment. . .

Safety Operation Procedures:

1. Ensure that pure gas is inhaled during the operation of the machine, and there is no flammable, explosive or toxic gas.

Second, do not loosen or disassemble any parts or joints during operation to avoid serious damage.

3. In order to ensure that the power has been cut off, the compressed air in the entire air compressor system has been emptied (the pressure inside the unit is equal to the atmospheric pressure) before the unit can be repaired or maintained.

4. Ensure that all fittings and components are securely sturdy before the unit is in operation.

5. Safety devices such as air switches and fuses must be installed on the power supply line of the air compressor to ensure the reliability of electrical equipment. Please follow the safety regulations of relevant departments and connect the appropriate grounding wire. .

6. Turn on the air compressor for a very short time (starting for about 1 second) before starting to check if the air compressor is rotating. Correct, otherwise the screw set of the air compressor will be damaged within a few minutes.