Recently, according to the official report of Shanghai Jinshan District Safety Supervision Bureau

Since May, there have been many incidents of production safety casualties in the region

Safe production situation is very serious


The district government urgently held a meeting to curb production safety accidents

The meeting stressed the need to put safety production work in mind

Ideologically attach great importance to profoundly absorb accident lessons

The accident has caused the masses to feel extremely sad!

The relatives of the casualties are even more unhappy!

So how do you try to avoid a security incident?

DSNEair does this. . .

In DSNEair, safety production is the most basic management regulation;

Regularly organize all staff to train and enhance safety awareness;

Always remind you to be safe, Do it "safe production, alarm bells Chang "

The following Xiaobian has compiled some DSNEair security "iron law"

security Production of twelve bogeys, production scheduling & ldquo; five is not allowed & rdquo;

safety management "six" & rdquo; and safety production rules

safety production "ten must"

After summarizing the main responsibilities of full-time safety production:

Employees are a valuable asset for the company, and the company is growing stronger The strong guarantee is that only by continuously improving the safety awareness and standardization of all employees, and ensuring that employees can complete various tasks with a healthy body and full spirit, the enterprise can truly achieve long-term stability.