SaleAfterServiceServiceActivityNoBook1. In order to establish product quality and service supervision mechanism to ensure the provision of excellent products and excellent services to customers, the company makes the following commitments to customers;

Company Quality Assurance System Requirements
Quality PolicyQuality is Schneider's eternal pursuit; providing customers with satisfactory products is Schneider's first mission; Improving customer satisfaction is Schneider's ultimate goal.
Quality TargetCustomer Satisfaction Index ≥98

2, the whole machine warranty period is one year. During this period, the compressor operates safely in accordance with the relevant requirements and specifications. When the machine is started, operated and maintained according to the operation manual, and the original parts are used, the non-consumable parts in the unit are damaged under normal use. Or invalidation, we repair, replace, or even return free of charge, if the user does not maintain according to maintenance requirements, the after-sales service commitment is invalid. During the warranty period, due to product quality problems (wearing parts such as three filters, lubricating oil), when the equipment parts are damaged, we will replace them free of charge. If the information, spare parts or technical service personnel provided by our company are inaccurate on the site, the rework and equipment damage caused by the user shall bear the corresponding economic responsibility.
3, after-sales service hotline 800 820 2380; 021-56870099 can be rushed to the scene within 24 hours after receiving the user notification: the term of replacement of defective parts is: wearing parts for 48 hours.
Product after-sales service:
1. After the product is in normal operation, the company is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the product. Our company has offices and after-sales service agencies in major cities across the country. The service technicians are professional technicians from the headquarters.
2, free maintenance, maintenance, life without paying time.
3, free on-site guidance installation.
4, free debugging.
5, free on-site training post operation and maintenance personnel to master the knowledge and skills of equipment safe operation, maintenance, maintenance and daily management.
6, provide technical services at any time.
7, to ensure long-term supply of equipment for all kinds of spare parts.
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