Screw air compressor PLC, screw special oil characteristics 1, electrical characteristics intelligent unit selects SCK programmable controller, its main characteristic is : 1. SCK has the latest award-winning, rugged, compact plastic housing for easy wiring, control and display, and components with front cover protection. 2. It can be installed vertically or horizontally on the cabinet through the mounting hole or DIN rail. The terminal block is used as a fixed wiring accessory (optional). 3. Data Security The user's original program and predetermined values ​​are stored in the internal EEPROM. In addition, for a long period of time (typically 190 hours), all intermediate data can be held by a supercapacitor. 4. Profibus DP network uses the same control and remote control, and its maximum transmission rate can reach 12Mbit/s. 2, Lubricating oil characteristicsSpecial oil for screw air compressor has the following characteristics: ?? Low foaming, not easy to volatilize?? Strong anti-emulsification effect ?? High anti-oxidation effect?? Kinematic viscosity (40 °C) mm2/s 28-35?? Has good anti-wear lubricity, anti-foaming and water separation?? -20 ° C, anti-cure performance, reduce energy consumption?? Flash point temperature 200 ° C, to prevent the formation of carbon deposits, reduce energy consumption?? High stability, can significantly extend the service life, reduce maintenance cycle and oil change Cycle, adaptability Special oil for screw air compressor, is a special air compressor oil according to the working principle of the screw machine, so in order to ensure air pressure For the normal use of the machine, use screw air compressor oil.
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