With the rapid development of the national economy, air compressors are widely used in industry. Air compressors are used as "general machinery" for their wide range of uses. When we choose the air system, we first need to understand the purpose of the air compressor. Namely: 1 compressed air as power 2 compressed gas for refrigeration and gas separation 3 compressed gas for synthesis and assembly 4 compressed gas is difficult to carry out hydrorefining 5 gas transport of oil. After understanding the use of the air compressor, the air compressor can be configured according to the application (gas storage tank, dryer/dryer, filter, etc.) Secondly, according to the required gas consumption and working pressure of the equipment, generally The air consumption of the equipment is slightly relaxed. Considering the loss of piping and valves, the working pressure is also selected so that the size of the air compressor can be determined. Finally, we have to choose the cooling method and the installation method of moving and fixing according to the gas occasion and conditions. If the gas field is narrow (for marine and vehicle use), the vertical type should be selected; if there is a long-distance change (more than 500 meters) in the case of gas, the mobile type should be considered; if the use cannot be supplied, the diesel-driven type should be selected. If there is no tap water in the use, you must choose air-cooled.
In air-cooling and water-cooling cooling methods, users often have misunderstandings and think that water cooling is good. The air-cooling type of small air compressors at home and abroad accounts for more than 90%. This is because of design. The air is cool and easy to use, no water source is needed.
The water-cooled air compressor has four fatal shortcomings: it must have a complete water supply system, and the investment is large; the water-cooled cooler has a short life; it is easy to freeze the cylinder in the north in winter; it will be wasted in normal operation. A lot of water. Of course, when choosing an air compressor, we must also consider the air compressor cost performance, after-sales service conditions and other labels [ buy screw air compressor] [ screw air compressor selection

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