Connection requirements for piping system when installing screw air compressor:1. When piping, the diameter of the exhaust pipe is required to be at least the same as the diameter of the exhaust pipe of air compressor. Pipes and fittings should be able to withstand the rated pressure and configure the flow rate of the appropriate gas so that the line pressure drop must not exceed 5% of the set pressure of the air compressor, and the use of elbows and resistance should be minimized in the line. For components with large coefficients, when the pipeline is long, it is better to use a larger diameter than the design value. 2. Avoid condensate in the pipeline flowing along the pipeline to the working machine or pneumatic components. The gas-water separation device and the sewage device should be installed at the front end. When piping the main pipeline, the pipeline must have a slope of 1 to 2 degrees to facilitate the discharge of the condensed water in the pipeline. 3.Air compressor At the exit, a check valve and a shut-off valve should be installed. There should be a pressure sampling port and a maintenance shut-off valve for hose connection and maintenance work. 4. Since the air compressor base has a shock pad and no fixed support, all external pipes must have their own independent support. Pipe installations should be considered when shutting down, do not allow condensate to flow back into the air compressor. (The pipe connecting air compressor must not be higher than the air outlet of air compressor) 5.air compressor when used with dryer The ideal piping system is to install a gas storage tank between the air compressor and the dryer, so that the gas discharged from the air compressor can be cooled and separated. Condensed water. At the same time, after passing through the gas storage tank, the compressed air with lower temperature and less moisture is sent into the dryer, which can reduce the load of the dryer and save energy. 6. The ideal piping is that the main line surrounds the entire gas plant, so that both sides can obtain compressed air at any position, and the appropriate valve is arranged around the main line to facilitate the inspection and cutting.

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