Managing Air Compressors equipment knows that when buying an air compressor, it is best to open one to prevent the main air compressor during large maintenance or overhaul. It will affect the normal operation of production, so the main standby machine will be selected. Below we will order the main and standby machine configuration and control mode according to the user's (you) requirements. The following options are configured according to the factory ordering requirements. 1. Main and standby machines Control mode When air compressor is connected in series, it needs to be equipped with master/slave control function, and main air compressor provides the main air source. Main Air Compressor When the air supply is insufficient, the air compressor is working, and the active and standby air compressor is converted at a set time ( One or a week) When multiple air compressors work in tandem, the exhaust pipe must be carefully placed. Incorrect piping arrangements will cause the condensate in the air compressor to collect into the main line and flow back to the air compressor in the empty or standby state. . In general, the air compressor position of the air outlet is high & oslash; Tip: Do not set both air compressors as master or standby. Mode set as main and standby machine 2. Oil filter differential pressure display The oil filter is equipped with a differential pressure switch. The factory preset value is 100KPa. When this setting is reached, the oil filter needs to be cleaned. 3. Air The filter differential pressure display is equipped with a differential pressure switch in front of the air filter differential pressure display. The factory preset value is 5KPa. When the air filter exceeds the set pressure difference or the use time, it indicates that it needs to be serviced. 4. Oil and gas separation The cylinder pressure difference shows that the oil separation cylinder is equipped with a differential pressure switch display. The factory setting is 100KPa. When the oil separation cylinder exceeds the set pressure difference or the usage time, it indicates that it needs to be serviced. 5. Remote start and stop device Air compressor equipped with remote start and stop device to provide safe, low speed and remote control operation for air compressors. A field/remote control selector switch is provided on the system, and a 220/24 AC transformer provides 24V power to control the start/stop device. Another loading timer is installed on the control panel, which is connected to the load control solenoid valve to record the compressor load time by recording the time the load control solenoid valve is operating. The average loading rate of the air compressor is calculated by comparing the time of loading the timer with the running time of the entire air compressor.
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