Correct maintenance and maintenance Twin-screw air compressor plays a vital role in the service life and operational reliability of twin-screw air compressors

Maintenance of twin-screw air compressors >Guide as follows: First, daily maintenance content: 1. Check air filter and coolant level; 2.Check hose and all pipe joints for leaks; 3.Check records, if easy The consumables have been replaced and replaced by the replacement cycle; 4. Check the record, when the exhaust temperature of the host reaches or approaches 98 & deg; C, the oil cooler must be cleaned; 5. Check the record, if the separator pressure difference is above 0.6BAR ( Limit 1BAR) or pressure difference should start to reduce the separation core when starting down; 6. Check the condensate discharge, if the displacement is too small or there is no condensate discharge, the cleaning water separator must be stopped; Second, monthly maintenance content: 1. Check the surface of the oil cooler, clean it if necessary; 2. Clean the cooler; 3. Clean the water separator; 4. Check all the wire connections and tighten them; 5. Check the AC contactor contacts; Clean motor suction port surface and housing table Surface dust; 7. Clean back oil filter; Third, quarterly maintenance content: 1. Main motor is filled with grease; 2. Clean main motor and fan motor; 3. Replace coolant; 4. Replace oil filter; 5. Clean the oil cooler; 6. Check the minimum pressure valve; 7. Check the sensor. Fourth, the annual maintenance content: 1. Replace the coolant; 2. Check the check valve; 3. Check the cooling fan; 4. Check the hydraulic cylinder or stepper motor and step limit device; 5. Safety valve calibration. Label [DSNEair screw air compressor maintenance][Twin screw air compressor maintenance guide]Recommended product: 3 cubic screw air compressor 6 cubic screw air compressor10 cubic screw air compressor