Just as hydraulic systems have higher requirements for the cleanliness of hydraulic fluids, pneumatic systems also have higher requirements for compressed air. The air discharged by the screw air compressor cannot be directly used by pneumatic devices. Screw air compressor Inhales air containing moisture and dust from the atmosphere, and the temperature of the air after compression Increased to above 100 ° C, at this time screw air compressor in the lubricating oil also partially turned into a gaseous state. Thus, the compressed air discharged from the screw air compressor becomes a high-temperature gas containing oil, moisture and dust. If this compressed air is directly sent to the pneumatic system, the reliability and service life of the pneumatic system are greatly reduced due to poor air quality, and the losses caused by the air source treatment device often exceed the cost and maintenance cost of the air source treatment device. A gas source treatment system is absolutely necessary. Label [Compressed Air Purification System] [How to choose after screw air compressor]Recommended 3 cubic air compressor 6 cubic air compressor 10 cubic air compressor